“Do you want to bet a dollar on who has more torque and who has more horsepower?” I asked Angela. With a lobster eating grin on her face, she replied “you’re on but let’s make it 20 bucks” from that moment I knew I was in trouble as we put the Indian Chieftain and Victory Magnum on the Dyno machine. Keep Reading as we continue on “The World Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride” Part 4 Bike Reviews & Lloydz Motorworkz to put them on the Dyno.
Lloydz Motorworkz Dyno Machine

Part 4: Bike Reviews & Lloydz Motorworkz

Part 4 Bike Review Lloydz Motorworkz Visit After riding the new Indian Chieftain and the new Victory Magnum 15,000 km in a short two month period we have reached St. John’s Newfoundland after leaving Victoria British Columbia approximately five weeks ago. Riding these two iconic American made motorcycles that were supplied by Cycle Works Motorsports of Alberta across the huge expanse of a country; Canada we are now able to give an honest review from our perspective and our experiences. We are also able to tell you by the numbers the horsepower and torque numbers as we were able to get the bikes on a Dyno machine in New York State.

Arrived in St. John’s Newfoundland

St. John's Newfoundland We arrived in St. John’s Newfoundland on a Thursday and stopped at the city sign. We probably had a tear of euphoria hiding under our sunglasses as we accomplished what we had started out to do, putting the new Indian Chieftain and Victory Magnum to the ultimate riding test.

Our motorcycles provided us with no mechanical breakdowns or visits from a tow truck on the side of the road along our journey. The Indian Chieftain and Victory Magnum performed admirably through various weather, riding and road conditions that Canada threw at us. After dipping our tires in the Atlantic Ocean in Flat Rock Newfoundland Canada it was time to sit down and do a point by point review of both motorcycles.

We had the bikes serviced in Halifax Nova Scotia after leaving the island of Newfoundland. Below are our thoughts.

The Victory Magnum, Angela’s Review

Victory Magnum Bike Review



  • Power
  • Styling
  • Comfort
  • Gas economy: 40mpg to date
  • Storage capacity of saddle bags
  • Faring
  • Stereo
  • USB Plug-in in saddle bag< /li>
  • Heated grips
  • Cruise control
  • Dis-likes:


  • Drive belt has constantly been squeaking
  • No key fob
  • Lack of places to tie a bag on the back seat
  • Very awkward placement of gas cap and hard to fill up
  • Horn quit working
  • Sound of engine/pipes, not loud enough


I really have grown to like the new victory Magnum. I am not even sure if I can compare it to my Harley Davidson Softail deluxe as it is a totally different bike. With the faring and all the amenities I have on the Magnum, it almost puts it in a specific bagger class of its own. Being vertically challenged at 5 foot 2 1/2 I was worried that the bike would be too big for me and too hard to handle at slow speeds. It has taken me quite a bit of time to get used to its size. After I have gotten over the mental image of the size of the bike, it handles like a much smaller motorcycle. I can comfortably say this is one of the best handling bikes I have ever rode.
The power from the 106 inch v-twin is absolutely fantastic and I never have trouble passing a slower vehicle. It brakes well and thankfully I have not had the opportunity to really put the ABS brake system to the test in wet conditions. The faring is a blessing as we have rode in some very inclement weather and has protected me from wind, rain, hail and of course northern Ontario’s huge bugs. The squeaking from the drive belt has been a constant pain in my ear; literally and after having it adjusted three times it has finally been remedied.

I just had the bike serviced and the rear tire replaced at approximately 14,000km. The Dunlop Elite 3 tires have held up well. I asked the dealer to look at the huge 21inch front tire and still has a few thousand km of pavement left on it. After inquiring if they carried a tire of that size, I found out there was none available in all the maritimes, WOW! I actually have not seen another Victory Magnum on the road in all of the maritimes for that matter. I had better phone ahead to the nearest dealer as we ride into the USA and hope they have stock. On another note my horn has quit working and there is none readily available in the maritimes, so will get one when we head south of the border.

So overall I am really enjoying the new Victory Magnum, I would not deter any riders, of any height from getting on this motorcycle and give it a shot. And the best part is we still have thousands of km left to ride.

Indian Chieftain, Troy’s Review

Indian Chieftain Bike Review


  • Torque
  • Engine
  • Suspension
  • Styling
  • Badging
  • Storage capacity
  • Cruise
  • Stereo

  • Seating position; I feel too close to the bars, perhaps a different seat would help
  • Stereo and accessory controls
  • No GPS
  • Gas mileage 34mpg
  • Speedometer
  • Electronic dash can be hard to read in daytime


After riding the Indian Chieftain 15,000 km across Canada I have come to understand how big of a workhorse this motorcycle really is. The chieftain feels like you could pull a small house down the highway with no effort at all. And considering all the gear I am carrying on the back of the motorcycle it probably weighs more than a small house.

The responsiveness and torque of the 111 cubic inch motor is absolutely amazing! Match that together with a fantastic suspension I find myself riding a great motorcycle touring bike, that packs away the miles effortlessly hour after hour. Being 6 foot 2 I do you find the seating position too close to the handlebars and would recommend anybody of my height to change the seat.

The Indian Chieftain has drawn a crowd where ever we have gone and have not seen any other Indian Chieftains in the Maritimes of Canada and very few as we made our way across Canada. Other riders have shown genuine interest in this newly designed motorcycle and its manufactures previous and long storied history.

I have finally figured out but not mastered the radio system and am happy to report that the sound is very good at speed. I do hope they will include a GPS and better lighting on future models. I also assume they will adjust the speedometer numbers to have a consistent size for better viewing.

The gas mileage on the big workhorse has not improved much after the break in period and observed an average of 34mpg. This may be because of the 200lbs of equipment and supplies I am caring and remembering it is 111 cubic inch motor.

I still have thousands of km to ride on “The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride” and look forward to reporting back to you once finished, until then myself and the ole workhorse will be happily rolling down the highway.

Lloyds Motorworkz, Performance Shop

Power & Torque results

We were lucky enough to visit Lloyd Grier and his shop Lloydz Motorworkz in Pine Bush NY. Now if you are not familiar with who Lloyd is let me tell you he is one heck of a gear head. His company and the folks that work with him have produced some super cool accessories and probably the best aftermarket performance parts for Victory and Indian motorcycles in the world, including the very successful superchargers that can produce over 200 hp.

Lloyd and his staff graciously spent an afternoon with us speaking about the shop, the superchargers and taking time to put our bikes on his Dyno machine. Lloyd was very proud and very passionate about the Helping with Horsepower Program they have at his shop and was very humbled of its successes.
Lloydz Motorworkz & Ride Stop n Go
Angela’s victory magnum was the first to be put on the Dyno machine and did 4 runs..piloted by her The magnum achieved 86 hp and 103ft of torque

Troys Indian chieftain achieved a very satisfying 108ft of torque and 78 hp

Thank you to Lloyd and his staff

Cheers from T&A

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