“Newfoundland here we come” I said to Angela early in the morning as we are packing our gear and heading east. Easily excited and not realizing how big Canada actually is, Newfoundland does not seem too far off; in our thoughts anyways. Sit back and enjoy Part 2 The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride!

Part 2:The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride

Riders coming out to meet us
This leg of the demo ride will take us east across the Canadian prairies through the Canadian Shield and end up in Marathon Ontario, fitting name we thought.

The day earlier we had made our way to Cycle Works Motorsports in Calgary to get the bikes a well-deserved oil change and service. The guys were very accommodating and got us in and out very quickly. The Indian Chieftain and the Victory Magnum have not had any real mechanical issues as of yet although Angela’s magnum needed to get the belt tightened a little bit which can be a common occurrence on any motorcycle with a drive belt.

Riding across Saskatchewan

Alsports in Regina
We left early Thursday June 18th morning, with our destination for the evening Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. We had wished for more time here as they have some pretty famous tunnels that Al Capone, the famous American gangster supposedly smuggled alcohol during the Prohibition era. We will search for his ghosts another time. If any of you have rode across the prairies on Hwy 1, it can be quite boring and the weather can change very suddenly. Although it was a cold day and we did get some rain, the weather turned out to be relatively good and we made Moose jaw late in the afternoon.

Meeting up with Family & Friends

Family & Friends meet us in Brandon MB
Our destination for Friday was Winnipeg Manitoba, a short 600k ride down the Trans Canada Highway. With a brief stop in Regina’s Victory dealership Alsports sales, The owner noticed the tires on Fred’s bike had considerable wear. We decided that the tires would be safe to ride to Winnipeg and we had found a dealer to replace them on Saturday morning. With a brief stop in Brandon to see Angela’s son Riley and some other friends and family we continued on our way and made Winnipeg before dark. We were treated to a great meal & comfy beds thank you Janice and Pete.

Headingley Sports Shop

Headingley Sports Shop
Saturday morning saw us up early and found Headingley Sport Shop on Winnipeg’s east side. Jill and her staff were more than accommodating and got Fred’s tires on quickly. While we were waiting for the tires to be put on quite a number of friends stopped in to say hello to us, sign the map and spend some time talking about bikes, life is pretty good.

Ontario Bound

Ontario Border Sign
We headed out with new tires and put the hammer down with our destination of the day being Dryden Ontario. We quickly found out that riding in Ontario takes quite a bit more time as the speed limit is 90 KMH, we cannot figure out why the speed limit in Ontario is so low; maybe the government is short on cash but that is a discussion for another day.

Kakabeka Falls, Powerful!

Kakabeka Falls
Part 2 Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride, we stopped at the beautiful Kakabeka Falls and spent some time at the Terry Fox monument just east of the city. It was very heartwarming and heartfelt to spend time there as we feel he is one of Canada’s greatest heroes. If you are riding through Thunderbay make sure you stop and pay respects as well the view from the Monument area is outstanding.

We arrived in Dryden tired hungry and thirsty. Little did we know that most places close early and we had a hard time finding somewhere to eat and have a refreshment; again good old Ontario!!!

Foggy end to the day

Very Foggy
Waking up early Sunday morning a long day ahead of us and our destination for the day Marathon Ontario. Although the sun did come out infrequently, the ride was absolutely fantastic riding through the Canadian Shield. The roads were great little traffic and not much wildlife to worry about on the highway.

As we were about one hour away from Marathon the fog set in and we could barely see 20m in front of our bikes, not to mention the temperature dropped drastically forcing us to put on our heated gear and warm clothing. Thinking back I wonder who would have been scared more if we ran into an animal on the road them or us thankfully we did not have to find out. We arrived safely in Dryden to a nice warm hotel and a hot shower. Tomorrow we ride to Sault Ste Marie and we wonder actually how far away Newfoundland is? Canada is absolutely huge and expansive.

Thank you to all of the riders who came and rode parts of this leg of the world’s longest motorcycle demo ride and we thank all of you for taking the time to sign the map
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