Who knew today would be the day, Troy and his Motorcycle hits a deer … not him! After we Rode to Parliament Hill and then onto the Eastern Township of Quebec we needed a few more supplies, like a camera battery to replace the one that jumped out of Troy’s window pouch, some sun screen and socks. We found stores near by, turns out it wasn’t just the battery that was broken, it was the whole camera.  Damn, a $40 battery sounded much better than a $240 camera!!

Parliament Hill, Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Sussex Drive

Supplies packed away we headed off to get our pictures taken on Parliament Hill and 24 Sussex Drive, the Prime Minister’s Pad. Glad we were able to get a new camera for Troy as later when his motorcycle hits deer he was able to capture it on video! When we were riding up to the hill, traffic was stopped as Will and Kate (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) were being escorted to the airport. They must have got rowdy last night if they were being escorted out eh?
Quick couple photos, then a U turn, why not break as many rules as we can in front of the Parliament House… and off to Sussex Drive.

our bikes at parliment hill

Knocking on the Canadian Prime Ministers door

Riding in the Eastern Townships of Quebec

Snapped a couple photo’s and were on our way, over a bridge and there was the Quebec Province Sign. We didn’t know it came up that quick, we turned around, tried it again and stopped to get our photo this time.

We headed east through Gatineau and were quickly into the small town countryside that took us up the Saint Lawrence Seaway towards Montreal. Lots of dairy farms and antique sales, it was a beautiful ride. We stopped in Thurso, Thurso is home to Guy Lafleur, we stopped for a cold beverage here but they didn’t serve food??? We carried on through the south side of Montreal with relative ease and worked our way through the Eastern Townships of Cowansville Quebec.
Troy hit the deer in Quebec - this is the provincial boundry marker

Eastern Townships of Quebec

Motorcycle Hits Deer

Heading for the Vermont Border Crossing, at about 7:45pm, dusk, it was beautiful countryside, we were doing the speed limit of 80km/hr, Troy was videoing the view when a deer jumped out in front of him. He kept the bike up and pulled over about 300 ft ahead. I was riding about 100 ft behind him, I saw an object fly across the road into ditch, then realized that he had hit a deer. By the time I stopped and pulled up beside him, he was sitting on his bike, a little bewildered and said

“I just hit a deer!”

We checked out his bike, the front fender was damaged and the engine guard was bent right back towards his gear shift. We pulled the fender away from the tire and checked the tire closer, no damage that we could see anywhere else. We walked back to see if we could spot the deer, we found it in the ditch, dead, looked to be a broken neck. We were very thankful Troy was safe, no injury to him, WOW and a few other words were repeated often! When you watch the video just before Troy hits the deer, his camera swings back and forth, he  dropped the camera out of his hand, while still holding the strap with his teeth. It looks like he is falling but it is just the camera!!

Cross into Vermont with a bent bike and shaken riders

We got back on our bikes and headed for the border crossing, just a few miles up the road. We were grilled with lots of questions from the custom officer, then told to park our bikes and go inside. We were inside for about 25 minutes, few more questions and then they let us go on our merry way. We rode about 4 miles to Richford Vermont, got a room, got a cold drink and checked out the bike again. WOW, we are very thankful and grateful and will no longer be riding at dusk…

Ride Safe!

We ride all over North America and recently compiled a Mexican trip planner for motorcycles just before we left for Alaska. Are we serious about taking our Harley’s over the Top of the World Highway to Chicken Alaska? Check out some crazy things in Sturgis SD and as always our favorite home province of Alberta, look at the beauty we have in our backyard and it airs on local TV. Snoop around and see what other things happen to Ride Stop N Go!

Motorcycle fender after hitting the deer
other side of fender after deer
engine guard post deer collision