S04 E05 Dipping our Tires in the Atlantic Ocean

So many things to do when you get close to St. John's, small towns with funny names, kissing a cod, dipping our tires in the Atlantic Ocean, parking at the most easterly point in North America... all on our motorcycles! Lots of memories and friends made along the way!!

International Female Ride Day 2016

On Saturday May 7th, the world will feel a different type of thunder, as women from all over the world will be firing up their engines and riding their motorcycles around their communities.

S04 E04 Hello Newfoundland We Have Arrived!

Join us this week as we arrive on The Rock, Newfoundland Canada's most Easterly Province. The views, the people, the icebergs and all the fun we had will make you want to visit too!

10 Great Alberta Burgers 10 Great Alberta Rides

There is nothing better than out on a great motorcycle ride and stop at your favourite place for a great burger, that's what biking is about. Enjoy our 10 Great Alberta Burgers 10 Great Alberta Rides featuring 10 great burger rides.

S04 E01 Dipping our tires in the Pacific Ocean

Season 4 of On the Backroads with Ride Stop n Go takes you on an 8 week adventure riding from West Coast to East Coast across Canada, riding from New York City to the 75th Sturgis Rally and back home. Episode 01 features dipping the Victory and Indian Motorcycle tires in the Pacific Ocean in Victoria BC.

The 10 Best Motorcycle Rides in Canada

The 10 Best Motorcycle Rides in Canada is a cumulative snap shot of the best rides one can do on a motorcycle. We have spent the last 5 years riding around Canada exploring all the beauty one can see on 2 wheels! Each of these rides we have personally experienced and fell in love with time and time again, come explore Canada and see for yourself.