We are so glad to have great weather still at the end of September! We left Calgary Alberta around 11am, heading west on Hwy 1 towards the Canadian Rockies, views we will NEVER tire of.

The last Saturday of September, Troy and I made plans to put on some miles and catch up with family, 2 of the most important activities in our lives, Family and Riding! Always trying to take different routes on our rides, we decided to head west on Hwy 1 to Canmore and Hwy 1A leaving Canmore. The traffic was fairly busy on Hwy 1 with cars and motorcycles, the wind was it’s usual blowing self, right at the edge of the Rockies. The fall colors are spectacular and we couldn’t take enough pictures or video to do justice, the sad part of pictures and videos is that is doesn’t capture half of the beauty. But for anyone who has rode and seen some amazing views, and tried to capture it you totally know what we mean.
We met up with Troy’s Uncle Bob and his cousin Reid for lunch at the Iron Goat, AWESOME PLACE! We sat on the patio, enjoyed the sun, the company and the atmosphere, there were quite a few other riders there as well. We headed over to Troy’s other cousin, Landen’s football game, the sun was shining full force as the temperature was HOT for a late September day. We watched a couple quarters, said our good byes and headed out on Hwy 1A to our next destination.

Motorcycle Tour
Hwy 1A is a beautiful road, the mountains, the water, the trees and most of the highway has new pavement too! It is a less traveled road but tends to have more police cars, so be mindful of the speed limits. It is a different view of the mountains from Hwy 1A then from Hwy 1, as you will see in the video, lots of beautiful scenery!
We like to stop half way down Hwy 1A to take in the views and appreciate what is only 30 minutes out our back door. Since it is late September, day light is getting shorter, we get back on our motorcycles and make a few more miles to my brother’s place for a special girl and her 8th Birthday Party.
We got off Hwy 1A at Cochrane, we headed west on Hwy 22, so great to see all the combines going in the fields, motorcycles on the roads and the sun still giving off some heat. We took Hwy 22 to Olds, then headed over to Hwy 2 to make up some time as it was getting cooler and we didn’t want to miss any of the Party. The last part of our video and the harvest dust and sun was on Hwy 54, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees, the goose bumps grew on us as we only had on shirts, the views were amazing with the dust, sun, colors of the trees,,, AHHHHH!!
We arrived at the birthday party just in time to open presents and have cake, good timing!! It was great to spend the evening with my family, sitting around the fire, guitars being played, laughter and the funny things kids say and do.
Nothing in the world is better than family and riding, we are so blessed we have both!