Rain or Shine, we decided to head out on our motorcycles for a 2400km round trip, 3 day tour to see my Grandparents.  We left Calgary with clear blue skies and the sun shining hoping it would stay with us the whole ride.

We stayed on Highway #1 the whole way, great divided highway, ** NOTE** due to the flooding in central Saskatchewan, the highway was a little rough between Moose Jaw and Regina**. The weather changed and we put on our rain gear just east of Swift Current, SK, the rain stayed with us until we gave in and stopped at Whitewood, SK for the night. 930 km we rode, and 400 of those km were rode in rain. We got a room at Whitewood Inn, not recommended to stay unless you were soaking wet and chilled to the bone. $91 a night with a discount, although at that point we were happy they had a room for us.
We got on our motorcycles at 8:30am, heading for Brandon, MB, only 200km, the rain was still coming down. Still staying on #1 Highway, we crossed into MB, the rain stopped, the sun started to poke through the clouds and we removed 1 layer of rain gear. We took some pictures of all the sand bagging and potential flooding the area endured, unreal how high the water levels were!
We visited with my grandparents, who are 87 and 82, for 8 hours then headed to Souris, MB to stay with friends. Souris also experienced flooding and thousands of sand bags were put in place as well.

Motorcycle tour stops at Manitoba BorderMotorcyclist putting on Rain Gear









Motorcycle Touring past Flood AreaMotorcycle Travels to see Flood area









Motorcycle Rides to visit FamilyMotorcycle tours to see Flood areas









Monday morning came early and we hopped on our motorcycles and left Souris at 7:30am (AB time), knowing we had a long day of riding to get home. The temperature that early in the morning was above zero but not by much, no rain gear needed yet…
500 km into our ride we are back into the rain, geared up on the side of the road and 600km to go. I was very fortunate to have my heated vest and heated grips, Troy’s heated jacket, the battery had expired so he was left with human heat to keep him warm. We took our time and made a couple stops to warm up the body, unclench the muscles and laugh about the day.
13.5 hours later we made it home, soaking wet, chilled to the bone and totally happy to be in a hot shower!
Looking back we wouldn’t have done anything different, it was great to see my grandparents and friends and great to put 1200km on our motorcycles in one day in the rain! We Love to Ride!!