Motorcycle Travel site is here ~ 2011

A motorcycle travel site was created, a one stop shop to find out where to ride to, where to stop and where to go.   For those who live to ride and ride to live, this site offers the scenic route, off the Interstate/Highway, places to stop, sleep in a clean, cheap motel, the best burger in the country, local pubs which all are rider friendly.  Routes that have interesting history and information, places you always heard about but never thought much about going to or you have never heard about them and like us found them totally worth stopping for.

After a few years of riding around North America, different paths were taken and lots of great content was gathered. The direction in the beginning shifted over the years to so much more and yet so far off what was originally planned. But just like Life, you deal with the good cards and the not so good cards and keep moving forward.

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