We have made it home safe and sound, after 16330km, 47 Days, 32 States, 5 Provinces, 3 Tires, 2 Services, 1 Deer and 0 Speeding tickets.  We met SOOOO many cool people along the way, even through Face-Book, and found everyone to be really friendly. Our amazing trip had no particular destination and we are thankful that is how we “roll”, with Angela’s Nana suddenly passing away and our heart strings pulling due to missing our kids, we were able to change the route up at any time. We arrived home August 12th night, happy to sleep in our own beds, have a home cooked meal and hang out with our kids.

Of course getting back into the day to day grove of life has been slow, and we have managed to get out for rides pretty much every day that it isn’t raining. All our kids are beginning new journey’s, Troy’s son is starting 2nd year College, his daughter is starting 1st year University. Angela’s oldest son is starting 1st year University and her youngest son is starting at a new school heading into Gr.10. Once all this settles down, we will pick up where we left off, post Day 21 and up.
So in the meantime here are a few pictures of our beautiful Canadian Rockies, that we love to look at every day and ride as often as we can.
Thank you for following us on our incredible journey, we look forward to meeting up with you somewhere on the road.
Life is Simple
Life is Sweet
Life is meant to be lived
Be Happy, Be at Peace
Ride Safe, Ride Hard
4 wheels move our body
2 wheels move our soul
Angela & Troy