For 10 weeks we are riding our motorcycles, 44 States and 4 Provinces, over 30,000 km or over 18500 miles.

Where are you going? Our #1 question we get asked

As you can see by our map, our goal is to see as much as possible, have our picture taken at each State/Province line. We will be gathering information to update our website on routes, maps, fuel stations, restaurants/pubs, clean cheap motels, dealerships for service, must see place, must do rides and are so excited to meet other motorcycle riders along the way.

Travel on our Motorcycles

We are 2 people who are passionate about riding, meeting people, experiencing life and living life to the fullest.
We hope to see you somewhere on our motorcycles along our Ride Stop N Go 2011 Tour.
Ride Safe
Motorcycle Couple Touring