Some good information on Motorcycle Riding in Alberta, and at the very least 4 cool things to see while riding around Alberta.
Riding in Alberta

Alberta’s Diverse Landscape

If we have said it once we have said it 1000 times, Alberta is one of the most beautiful provinces to explore on 2 wheels! Alberta’s extensive diverse landscape and topography will please all riders, as well as the variety of folks you will meet along the way. Whether you ride through the wide open prairie back roads or the slopes of the Canadian Rockies, you will agree it is made for motorcyclists!

Free Day or Planned route?

Some days feel like “non-planning” days, ride where you ride, stop where you stop, and have no destination in mind, those are the glory days. Other days an organized ride is a good idea, especially if traveling with a group or have a time line for riding. Where ever you are starting from, Alberta has many cool things to see and do, even just riding by a huge attraction that you weren’t aware of before, it is all part of the journey.
Riding in Alberta

4 Cool things to see and do?

Alberta Oil Sands: Riding up Highway 881 to Fort McMurray is a super highway that is known as the OLD Highway. Old in age but not in road conditions, super new pavement and not very busy. You obviously have heard about the Oil Sands north of Fort McMurray, you probably have an opinion of them, but have your ever gone there and taken an Alberta Oil Sands tour? Fort McMurray has a lot to see and do with lots of motorcycle friendly places you will want to check out.

Riding in Alberta Sunwapta Falls:South of Jasper on the Icefield Parkway, you can ride in about a mile off the highway to the falls. Sunwapta is a Stoney (Assiniboine) word that means turbulent water, this is a true definition of the falls. There are 2 falls, one upper and one lower, the upper falls are easy to see where as the lower falls are a short walk to get to. You will no doubt get a sense of the power these falls have, with a drop of 60′ and 30′ wide. The water is coming off the Athabasca Glacier they are extremely cold, volumes of water are more in early summer, with glacier meltdown.

Riding in Alberta HooDoos in the Badlands: Riding east of Drumheller on Highway 10 you will see the HooDoo’s from the road, they just pop up out of the blue. Yes you are riding through the Badlands of Alberta so who knows what you might see, maybe even some reptiles. The HooDoo’s rocks were created by erosion, naturally shaped by wind and water have been carved over millions of years. They are a fascinating rock formations that eventually will erode away so thin they will break, so stop in while they are still there!

Riding in Alberta
The Frank Slide:Over 82 million tonnes of limestone rock slid down Turtle Mountain all within 100 seconds in the wee early morning hours back in 1903. As you ride along the highway you will see Turtle Mountain and all the rock still piled to this day. Over 90 people were killed in this slide, and is recorded in Canadian history as the deadliest slide. Ride down the Cowboy Trail(Highway 22) to Highway 3, head west to the historic Frank Slide.

Larger City Attractions:

In the larger cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat you will find most major manufacturer dealership for service and repair. Most of these shops will try to cater to traveling motorcyclists in the need of quick repair and get you back on your way

Need more information about Alberta

You could spend the whole summer touring around Alberta, there is so much to see and do, you get the idea by now we are sure, so make a plan and come ride in Alberta!

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Alberta: Motorcycle Friendly Info

Want to know the Top 3 rides in Alberta?

Albertans are spoiled by the riding we can do, the views that are out our backdoor, we asked a lot of Albertans what their favorite ride is, see if you agree.

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Top 3 Rides: Voted By Albertans