An unwanted shocked split second disaster appears out of the ditch, Motorcycle hits a deer, damage to one, the end of a life to the other… What would you do?
Motorcycle Hits Deer

Expression: Deer in the headlights look

Have you ever seen someone with that deer in the headlight look?
I am sure you would have seen that quizzical, lost look migrating out of my face after hitting a deer while riding our motorcycles in the eastern townships of Quebec.

To the Left? To the Right?

Riding just before dusk on a magical, scenic narrow 2 lane backroad, it suddenly appeared. Out of know where; Bambi’s distant cousin jumped out of the confines of a grass filled ditch, right in my line of fire. I couldn’t go left, couldn’t go right and certainly could not stop as Angela was right behind me.
Motorcycle Hits Deer

Flying Object, What the Hell was that?

The world paused briefly, life stood still, tense, waiting for impact and definite destruction. Somehow, someway my trembling and somewhat stiff right hand twisted the throttle, gained speed, the micro countdown to collision. Bones crush and hair flies as death is certain. A Frisbee flies to my left and the soft grass on the far side of the road catches the deer in comfort. My eyes open, I am upright, safe, shaken and stirred, comfort from Angela.

I made it. We continue on, riding, living and grateful. “The Deer Hunter is born”

Motorcycle Hits a Deer, What would you do?

  • How do you stay focused?
  • Would you ride into the ditch?
  • Would you lock your brakes up?
  • Would you avoid riding at dusk?

Whatever you do, expect the unexpected and be prepared for it.
Motorcycle Hits Deer

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