Tired of your chaps being rolled, scrunched, pushed, shoved, stuffed into your saddle bag?
Have you heard there is an easier way to fold and store your chaps?
That’s right folks step right up and get your guide on How to fold your chaps all neat and tidy!

Why Fold My Chaps?

Folding Chaps

  • Some people don’t care about having neat, tidy and organized saddle bags, they stuff everything and anything inside, you know who you are!!
  • Some people don’t have a choice because of the size of their saddle bags, they need to utilize every square inch possible.
  • Then there are people who are slight OCD and this is the ONLY way to fold your chaps and tuck away neatly!

Come on we all know someone like that!!

Whatever “person” you may be, this tip may work to your advantage at one point of your riding
and you will be glad you took the couple minutes out of your life to watch this video!

Is there any other things my Chap Pack can be used for?

Well we’re glad you asked…

  • If you have no saddle bags or run out of room, you can strap your chap pack to your forks, luggage rack, sissy bar easily
  • You or your passenger needs extra back support, stuff your Chap Pack behind your back, great lumbar
  • Taking an afternoon siesta, you got your pillow right handy


Thank you Stampede Boot, Calgary Alberta

Stampede Boot

We want to thank the guys and gals at Stampede Boot, for letting us shoot this video in their store.
They are by far the greatest people, a family run business for over 30 years, biggest selection of boots, leathers, helmets and accessories.

They are SO GREAT that when you go there, mention RIDE STOP N GO, they will give you a DISCOUNT!
They also can fit you head to toe for the Western and Work world, best prices in the city!
They have huge sales on through out the year so be sure to stop in and see them:
5327 2nd St SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0G8, Canada 403-252-2212

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