How exciting to be talking about wearing helmets & crossing borders but it is a part of the journey. With each state having its own motorcycle helmet law, you can be caught off guard if you are not familiar with every state. When you enter into the United States either from Canada or Mexico, there are standard rules at all port of entries, here are a few rules, tips and suggestions to make your experience a good one.
NO Helmet Law USA

Helmet Laws

Above is the color-coded map of each state and their helmet laws. If you are not wearing a helmet and cross into a state that has a helmet law, the general rule of thumb is pull over to a safe place and dig out your lid and strap it on. Same goes if you are wearing your helmet and cross into a state that does not require you to wear your helmet, find a safe pull out and put it away, if that is your choice to do so.

What is the fine for NOT wearing my Helmet?

Again each state has different levels of fines for not obeying the helmet law. The fines can be as little as $50 and as high as $300, there are rumours you can go to jail for not wearing your helmet in some states, like in Alabama and Arkansas. Yikes!!
Helmet Law in effect USA

Border Crossing, what you need to know

A Valid Passport is required to enter the United States for residents and visitors, whether riding your motorcycle or flying to rent a bike somewhere.
Here are a few things that you should be aware of before entering USA border crossing:

  • You must declare any alcohol or tobacco products
  • You must declare any fruits and vegetables
  • You will need a permit for any firearms
  • You can not carry more than $10,000 cash
  • It is illegal having drugs in your possession and if you didn’t know already it is illegal to bring dog or cat fur with you???

Wearing Helmets & Crossing Borders

If you want still need more information on what you can and can not bring across the United States border, here are a couple sites to go to. International Travel and Homeland Security. 

Don’t be a Dumbass

It really boils down to how the custom border officer’s day is going, if you are giving him/her any grief or reasonable doubt, they can and will detain you for further questioning.
Being a respectful guest, answering questions straight forward, have nothing to hide you will do just fine.

Crossing International Borders

The laws are basically the same for USA or Canada, common sense and respect goes a long way.

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Riding your Motorcycle in the United States

Some great motorcycle friendly information for you to read before you head out on tour.

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