Spring is choosing not to show itself just yet here in Calgary AB, it is the end of March, snow, ice, cool temperatures makes it kinda hard to get out for a ride every week.

Bikes loaded into the Trailer and heading South..

Troy and his buddies are trailering their bikes to Las Vegas, NV, taking in the races for a day and then heading over to Arizona Bike Week. As this is Ride Stop N Go’s 1st documented ride, we will be updating as often as we can.


Ride Stop N Go has the pleasure of traveling with these 3 great guys and one crazy Shanepong, watch for updates, pictures and stories that can be repeated.  The guys left March 30th at 8:30am,,, not sure what happened to 7am departure time, GARY can you explain?? LOL.  They crossed the border and were held up for an hour while the US Customs did a search, good thing our boys are good boys!  **NOTE** always pad a little extra time into your travels for the chance of border crossing delays!

Where are these guys heading to?

The guys did some planning and are trying to get in as much riding as possible.  They are checking out the NHRA Spring National Drag Races in Vegas, then over to Scottsdale AZ for Arizona Bike Week.  After the festivities there they guys are heading to Texas and taking in a few different attractions, as there are a massive amount of things to see and do in Texas and will make their way to New Orleans!!  Bourban street will be discovered I am quite sure! Who will bring home the most beads??? They will start heading home going through Alabama, Florida and Mississippi before heading back across Texas, into New Mexico and then getting close to home or at least their trailer, to Vegas.

Shanepong goes along

Shanepong who has been on a few different trips has the pleasure of tagging along with the guys on this trip, for those who are new to Shanepong, he is Angela’s Brother who was unable to go with them to Sturgis last year, due to work commitments or as is family likes to say “Nice time for him to turn a new leaf and become responsible”! Just Kidding Shane!! Angela made Shanepong in hopes that Shane would live vicariously through Shanepong and know that he was missed.  Although the rest of the families liver’s were happy to take Shanepong along instead!! Shanepong had a blast at Sturgis, you can see his pictures on facebook.com on his very own fan page.  Shanepong was also recently in Vegas with Shane’s wife, Brandy, between you and me, I think Brandy and Shanepong will be going on a few more trips, they both had a blast!! If all else fails, Shanepong can be blamed for all the trouble the guys or anyone that takes Shanepong along, can get into!


Keep Checking back to see new posts, updates and pictures. Troy will be sending stuff back to Angela in snowy Calgary all the while it is to 30-35 deg C their whole trip..  Totaly excited for them!!

Ride Safe !