Gas is Easily Available – Bring your Wallet though!

Previously we heard gas stations were far and few between for the smaller motorcycle fuel tank, so we prepared by bringing our own jerry cans of fuel Never needed it. Gas along the Alcan Highway turned out to be quite plentiful – lots of funny sign posts advertising the price of gas

getting gas on the alcan highway

typical gas station

Family owned & run gas stations

  • $1.65 – $1.93/litre
  • $4.30 – $5.09/gallon
  • Tourist Information available at most stations
  • Premium Fuel is rarely available on the Alcan
  • Most stations have food, washrooms, souvenirs

2 Countries 1 Major Highway:

The Alcan (Alaska/Canadian) Highway starts at Dawson Creek British Columbia (Mile 0), continues through the Yukon to Delta Junction Alaska (Mile 1422). Unofficially the northern part of the Alcan continues to Fairbanks Alaska, for another 96 miles.
There are quite a few gas stations along the highway, some places only have regular fuel, premium fuel can be found in larger centres.

Getting gas in larger cities in Alaska

  • Chain gas stations start popping up
  • Avg price in 2013 was $3.88 – $4.36/gallon
  • All amenities available
  • Price of gas and the sense of humor is lower here

Planning out your motorcycle trip to Alaska is a good idea, depending on the size of your fuel tank, what kind of rider you are and of course good old mother nature. Prepared and enjoy a trip of a lifetime!

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