Taking a Ferry in Alaska on your Motorcycle is something every rider must do, the experience of securing your motorcycle (and trusting the tie-downs), the views you will see and the people you will meet is so worth it. While planning out your motorcycle trip, you will need to know a bit of information about the Ferry System in Alaska.

Ferry Schedule, Inside Passage/Southeast Ports

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June is when all the ferries begin their daily routes/schedules, which is fine since you won’t’ be riding up there in March anyway! The inside passage/Southeast ports will be the main terminals you may be riding to, they include places like

  • Bellingham
  • Haines
  • Juneau
  • Ketchikan
  • Petersburg
  • Skagway

Best to check online or call them to confirm departure times.

Here are a few things you will want to be aware of when taking a ferry.

Cost of taking the ferry
You will be charged for riding the ferry, as a person and for your motorcycle, 2 tickets is essentially what you are buying. Motorcycles without sidecars or trailers will be charged at the 10 ft. vehicle rate, if you have a trailer or sidecar you will be charge by the overall length of your ride. Best to call of rates or check out the website as they change year to year and ferry to ferry.

Securing your Motorcycle
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Well you have paid your fees, rode onto the ferry and found a spot to park your bike, and you know it needs to be secured with appropriate tie-downs. Depending on the ferry you are on, they do have tie downs available but always a good idea to carry your own. It is up to you, the motorcyclists, to secure your own bike, being responsible for any mishaps that are related to your motorcycle not being tied down properly. The floors of the ferry have lots of clasps to hook onto and some even have specific motorcycle parking. Be sure to take the time to secure it properly, a few extra minutes can save you thousands..A good tip here is ask the attendant or look around for a couple tire wedges and wedge your back tire. This just helps prevent movement. You are not allowed to stay with your motorcycle while floating across the water, in fact the doors are locked once the ferry is ready to head out.

Alaska Marine Highway System gives you lot more information about the Ferry’s, for all you detail driven riders!

Rules, regulations and info about firearms
Smoking is allowed to the outside decks and posted areas only.
You can be denied passage if you are totally wasted and being a jerk.
You have to check any legal firearms with the vessel person, guns are unloaded and ammunition is stored in a separate compartment.
Concealed weapons are NOT allowed on any of the ferries.
And of course if you are coming into Canada on the ferry, you must do a lot of paper work before leaving on your trip and get pre-approved by the RCMP. Without this special permit you will not be allowed to come into Canada with your firearm.

Cabins, Food, Beverages, Entertainment and oh so much more
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What would a ferry trip be without food and beverages… there are vending machines for you… they also have a cafeteria and a licensed restaurant, which you need to be 21 years of age. Entertainment consists of informational talks about the wildlife, fish & game, could be story tellers or bands, depending on the route and the time you are cruising.
If you have any pets, they are allowed to be with you on deck if in a proper container, there is an extra charge for them as well. For the longer ferry rides if you want to have a cabin to rest your head they are avaialble for extra moola. You are also allowed to sleep up under the covered deck on a lounge chair for no extra charge.

Taking a Ferry in Alaska on your Motorcycle, what you may see

There is a good chance you will see whales, all kinds of birds, water falls coming out of the rocks, sunshine or perhaps a rainy cool day. Whatever you see and experience will be amazing and much better than sitting at your desk working!

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