Ever heard of the Dust to Dawson Motorcycle Ride? Just so you know it is NOT a rally, it is a fun annual event which invites motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world to get together in Dawson City and celebrate this cool lifestyle.
Riding in Alberta

What is Dust to Dawson about?

Here’s how it works: You ride your bike from where ever you are, plan your own route on how to get to Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. Maybe you hook up with buddies along the way or heck even meet some new ones en route. Find a place to stay in Dawson City, whether it’s a hotel, a campsites or a hammock, you will be sure to find like minded riders all around and a lot of fun at this ride **Remember it is NOT a Rally**
It is a great place to meet new riders, catch up with riders you have met last time and a destination to ride to in June every year. Dust 2 Dawson is definitely not a rally. It is free to signup and to take part in this great event. It all began in 1992 and has been a gathering of old friends and new that share a common bond: motorcycles. The weekend events that happen are motorcycle games on the streets of Dawson, a Poker Run out to the historic goldfields, a banquet and a whole lot of good times!
We met and interviewed Dick Van Nostrand, one of the original organizers of the Dust to Dawson ride, he shared with us how it started and how it has grown over the years.
Downtown Hotel Dust to Dawson Ride

Dust 2 Dawson 2014 June 19th and 20th

2014 D2D is a go on June 20th weekend, it falls on the longest day of the year weekend, Summer Solstice.

Events that take place at the D2D

  • Sign up for the poker run on Friday at noon, $10 bucks (USD) gets you a hand, half the funds go to the winner, the other half goes to a local charity and the best part is you get to ride 60 miles of the famous 1898 Gold Fields. Any adventure rider would pay double that just to hear the stories from the day!
  • Buy yourself a ticket to the biker banquet, you’ll get a steak dinner, there’s a cash bar, and enough door prizes it will make your head shake!
  • Now your belly is full from the delicious steak dinner, a perfect time to show off your skills at the Biker Games, with it not being a rally, things are done just a little different at the D2D. Not only will your skills be challenged so will your sense of humour, pride and ego… Good Luck!!
  • Daylight at Midnight Photo, be sure to bring your bike and park it in front of the Triple J Hotel, get your Dust to Dawson 2014 sticker along with a tonne of other free cool swag. Smile real pretty as the annual photo is taken, but the real memories can not be captured in a picture, life printed in your memory.


Lots to do in Dawson City, other than to meet Dick

    • Take a walk in the 1800’s grave yard
    • Visit the Dredge
    • Check out the paddle wheeler
    • Walk around and tour the town
    • Spend some time at the Museum
    • Hang out and meet all kinds of cool riders
    • Most of all have fun, buy a T-shirt and enjoy the NON RALLY weekend

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