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Rolling tires in pacific ocean

We are in week 5 of our 8 week 2015 Tour, The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride!
We are having an absolute amazing fun time, putting the Indian Chieftain and Victory Magnum to the test!
We have rode from Calgary Alberta, to Vancouver Island, dipped our tires into the Pacific Ocean, continued East to St. John’s Newfoundland where we dipped our tires into the Atlantic Ocean.
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We would love for you to enter it, guess to the TOTAL COMBINED Kilometers we will put on the whole Demo Ride.
Rolling tires in Atlantic ocean

Contest Closing Date

It has been no surprise that everyone is waiting until the last minute to enter the Contest, increasing your chance of being “closer” to the correct answer! We have a closing date of the contest, which is before we arrive back home: July 31, 2015.


What do you win?

Children's Electric Indian Motorcycle
Big Thanks to Cycle Works of Calgary for giving the prize to the lucky winner!
$500 Gift Certificate and a Children’s Electric Indian Motorcycle
The $500 Gift Certificate is to Cycle Works, where you can shop in their store or order online.
The Children’s Electric Indian Motorcycle is a great way to get your little ones started riding!

Here’s a hint for you

Most Easterly Point in North America

We have had a lot of guesses that are going to be close and a lot of guesses that have gone too far either way!

Here’s a hint for you: Some of our videos and posts we randomly mention how many kilometers we have put on!

Good Luck and Thank you for entering the contest

Thank you for taking the time to enter the Contest, following and supporting us along with Cycle Works of Alberta, Victory motorcycles and Indian Motorcycles!

Heading to the 75th Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

What a great way to end this demo ride adventure, hanging out in Sturgis with 1 million other riders!
Victory & Indian Motorcycles will be there in full force and we will be hanging out with them too, taking in the rides, the festivities and talking to people!
You can find our previous Sturgis Videos over at our YouTube Channel RSNG.tv