One of the best parts about going to Sturgis is all the FABULOUS riding around the Black Hills. There are quite a few amazing day rides around Sturgis & the Black Hills that you will want to plan them into your time at the rally.

6 Day Rides Around Sturgis & the Black Hills

Day rides are well known and 1000’s upon 1000’s of riders do them every day. Below we feature 6 rides that you want to ride, whether it is your first time of 51st time! During the rally many more vendors and places to stop and eat are set up, not during the rally there are still a good amount of places to pull over and enjoy the day.

(1) Wildlife Loop through Custer State Park

Wildlife Loop Day Ride
Have your camera ready! During this ride you will experience beauty on all levels, from landscapes to animals, with the great roads you will be sure to have many pictures. It is recommended that you travel the Wildlife loop with care and caution towards the animals that call this area home. Types of animals you may see are Buffalo, Elk, big horn sheep, mountain goats, pronghorn antelope along with white-tail and mule deer. Please don’t honk or rev your engines while animals are near by, especially the buffalo, they are wild and they DO NOT like loud sudden noises.
view map of Wildlife Loop

(2) Needles Highway

Ride through Custer State Park Needles
While the Needles Highway is only 14 miles long, it is a super twisty curvy ride you will want to do. Originally this was where Mount Rushmore was going to be built, but due to poor quality of granite, the sculptor chose differently, and the narrow tunnels and twisty roads were left for motorcyclist to enjoy! You will ride through Custer State Park, where no fee is required.
view map of Needles Highway

(3) Mount Rushmore & Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Day Ride
When you think Black Hills and Sturgis Motorcycle Rally you think Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse, a great day ride to go and visit 2 great Historic Memorials. Crazy Horse is a work in progress, visiting it every year you can see they are moving forward yet understand it is a HUGE undertaking and will probably not be finished in our life time. $5 gets you into the gate, you can hear the story of how it all started, understand how they are sculpturing it, a super family story for sure. Mount Rushmore is a legend in itself, from the highway you can see the amazing work and if you choose to go inside the gate, it is around $17-20. A very cool day trip for you and your buddies to ride.
view map MT Rushmore & Crazy Horse

(4) Spearfish Canyon is a great day ride

Spearfish Canyon Stop
One of the most popular day rides is riding through the Spearfish Canyon, in fact a couple of the Charity rides use this route. It may seem like a short ride, but take your time, stop and enjoy all the scenery, the vendors at Spearfish Canyon, plus there will be 1000’s and 1000’s of other riders you can meet. Have your Helmet Cam ready to roll as you will get some great footage of the day.
view map Spearfish Canyon

(5) Ride out to Devils Tower in Wyoming

Riding to Devils Tower WY
Looking for a longer day trip from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? Leaving Sturgis and heading north west you will pass by Belle Fourch which has lots of things happening during the rally. Hulett is on the way to Devils Tower and they also have concerts & rally entertainment too. From Sturgis to Devils Tower is about 84 miles, you are riding on great roads with lots of other riders, so sit back and enjoy the day, the views and the National Monument.
view map to Devils Tower WY

(6) Rochford, a quiet little community comes alive during the rally

Rochford Day Ride
Rochford is known for its’ friendly people, $2 beers, great burgers and awesome talent playing everyday. Once you leave ride out of Sturgis on the Alt 14, through Deadwood, take a left at the 205 Junction, ride on some great curvy roads for about 15 miles and then good luck finding a parking spot. The Moonshine Gulch Saloon is open for business, inside and out, vendors are set up selling all kinds of homemade unique art, jewelry, etc.
view map to Rochford

Day Rides around Sturgis & the Black Hills

There is no shortage of places to ride, people to meet and things to do before the rally starts, during the rally and even after the rally is over. Every mile you ride through out the Black Hills is something you will always remember, even if you ride it every year you go to Sturgis.
A lot of the Charity rides find themselves on lots of these roads too, so be careful when you are meeting or riding with 1000’s of other riders.

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