Merry Christmas to your family and friends from both of us at Ride Stop N GO! We know we have lots of friends who live in warmer climates and riding on Christmas day is normal. Troy and I live in Calgary Alberta, 30 minutes east of the Canadian Rockies, where skiing/snow boarding has been in full bloom for months. We have Chinook winds that blow in and change the temperature as much as 10-15 degrees, the weather forecast was to be around plus 9 C. All we want for Christmas is to RIDE!

Making Ride Stop N Go Festive

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, our creature (Zena the cat) was stirring as Troy was decorating the bikes. I came home from work and what to my surprise was 2 Harley Davidson’s lit up with Christmas Cheer! Earlier in the day, Troy and his elves shoveled the snow and ice away from the garage door, Troy rode the motorcycles around to the front lawn, parked them in the snow cleared off spot and went to work on his festive art work. I was able to find the perfect Ride Stop N Go Ornament for our first Ride Stop N Go Christmas Tree, sweet!


Christmas Morning Ride Stop N Go Style

Troy is an early riser, Angela is not, Christmas Morning is no different! Troy was up at the crack of dawn to see if Santa had arrived, I guess we both were a good little boy and girl as Santa left us more than a lump of coal. Troy could no longer wait so just before 8 he woke me up, coffee was hot and creamy, and our Christmas morning began! After spending 7 weeks day and night together on our 2011 Tour, we got to know each other to a whole new level, last Christmas over 50% of our gifts that we bought each other were the same! Great minds think a like I guess eh?! So this year we both thought real hard to give each other something “different” or not “like minded”! About 5 days before Christmas one of us said something that made us think, OH CRAP WE GOT EACH OTHER THE SAME AGAIN! So we wrote on a piece of paper what we thought the other got, wrapped it up to open after.
We totally enjoyed our Christmas morning, even though it was our first with out any of our kids. Funny how devastating it is when your “own” kids grow up and have other plans than spending Christmas morning with their parents, even though it didn’t bother us when we were that age haha!

Did we get each other the same gift?

The last 2 gifts under the tree, different sizes of boxes but weighed the same, could it be again this year? Troy gave me his present, I opened it as fast I could to see what was inside… keeping my poker face to not give away his gift, I gave him his last present. Troy opened his gift and we both laughed at how close the gift idea was but not exactly the same. Troy got me a calender with all our favorite pictures from our 2011 tour, and I got Troy a Ride Stop N Go logo patch for the back of his leather jacket. We opened the wrapped piece of paper disclosing what we thought each other got, had a good chuckle of how close we were!

Gearing up to ride on Christmas Day

The temperature didn’t reach the high that was forecasted, it was plus 5 deg C which is 41 deg F, we geared up, started the bikes, and cautiously rode on the icy street to get the dry pavement. AND WE ARE OFF!!
A long awaited ride, wind therapy and to re-connect with our motorcycles, all 4 of us were smiling! We got lots of thumbs up, weird glances, head shakes and got to see about 4 other motorcycle enthusiasts out as well. We rode until we had to come home to get ready for Christmas dinner, which we were almost late for!!

We hope you had a fabulous Christmas Season, were able to spend it with the ones you love! Our kids started arriving on Boxing day and made our Christmas complete!