This year not only we were able to attend the 2012 Calgary and Edmonton Motorcycles shows, we were excited to be included as an exhibitor with the  BlueCircle Insurance booth, and promote Ride Stop N Go.  Troy and I were both pretty pumped to hang with Gerry, Kelly and the gang from BlueCircle Insurance and were grateful to be able to pass out some brochures, cards and coupons to fellow riders, letting more and more people know about Ride Stop N Go.

Calgary Motorcycle Show

All 3 days were very busy, so much to see, all the new 2012 motorcycles on display, the latest and greatest in gear, accessories and every gadget in between. Troy and I made our way around the show, stopping by Canadian Rider Magazine booth, saying Hi to John Molony, testing out some bikes, even found the guy who sells biker doggie attire. We had lots of people stop by the BluCircle Booth to say hi to us, some old school friends along with making some new friends. The gang at BlueCircle were giving away an iPad2, so had lots of current and new clients stop by to enter their name in the draw.
Motorcycle showMotorcycle Show
Like Troy and I discovered on our 20,000km 2011 tour this past summer, the age group who are of like mind to Ride Stop N Go are 40 years and older. It was great to see lots of 40 and under, male and female, who ride dirt bike and sport bikes, you can no longer judge a book by it’s cover! Every rider has a passion for riding, and we have always said, it doesn’t matter what you ride as long as you ride!
BlueCircle is so excited to let everyone know about their new offer, it is not only new to Blue Circle Insurance it is NEW TO CANADA! Something motorcycle enthusiasts have been asking for 10 years, Gerry and the gang listened all those years and put it all together for you!
Motorcycle showMotorcycle Show
Watch the video as they explain it to you, while we were at the show with them, we saw the expression of people’s faces when they heard what BlueCircle is now doing! No One Else Has This Offer! See why we think BlueCircle Insurance is so cool!!
If you are interested in what BlueCircle has to offer, give them a call, 403-770-4949, a quick over the phone quote can be done, with no obligation. They truly love the insurance industry and have gone over and above the call of duty to pass their passion and discounts onto you!
We are excited to see what happens this weekend in Edmonton, our update to come shortly!
Motorcycle Showmotorcycle show