In June 2013, Alberta, Canada, experienced heavy rainfall that triggered catastrophic flooding described by the provincial government as the worst in Alberta’s history.  Alberta flood gets supports from local motorcycle riders. Areas along the Bow, Elbow, Highwood, Red Deer, Sheep, Little Bow, and South Saskatchewan rivers and their tributaries were particularly affected. A total of 32 states of local emergency were declared and 28 emergency operations centres were activated as water levels rose and numerous communities were placed under evacuation orders.

Alberta Flood 1

Some Favorite Motorcycle Riding Regions hit hardest

Preliminary estimates suggest damage from the flood could be between C$3–5 billion. Receding waters gave way to a mammoth cleanup of affected areas, aided by a spontaneous volunteer campaign in which many home owners were assisted by complete strangers. Some of the hardest hit areas were outside of the Calgary area in some of our favorite motorcycle riding regions. These include the towns of Bragg Creek, Black Diamond, Canmore, High River and Kananaskis Country.

Volunteers Helping

Riders show up despite the weather

The traumatic Alberta Flood has left thousands of people with very little, we are deeply saddened and wanted to help, our Rubber Boot Ride & Roast was our way to help out. Over 40 riders, new & old friends showed up which started out as an overcast scary looking sky and turned out to be a sunshiny day with generous riders donating to the cause as we toured some of the hardest hit areas. Ending the day with a BBQ at the home of Ride-Stop-N-Go.

Alberta Floods Riders arrive

Rubber Boots Filled with Cash Donations

Pops Pub on 17th ave SW was our starting point, Eastyn and his staff had prepared a super spread of food and coffee for all the riders to start the day. The motorcycle community is truly a giving, lend a helping hand kind of group! The rubber boots were pulled out and the arm length of tickets handed out to begin the donations for the cause and raised over $2200… for Alberta Flood Relief. Thank you to each and every one of you who came on this great motorcycle ride. That’s how the Alberta Flood gets support form local motorcycle riders

Pops Pub

Grand Prize for our Rubber Boot Ride & Roast totally ROCKED!

What we love about Alberta, Calgary and surrounding areas is that everyone pulls together and wants to contribute at every level. When we decided to change our Ride & Roast to the Rubber Boot Ride & Roast to support the Alberta Flood, it all came together so beautifully. Our grand prize was graciously donated by 2 amazing companies, the grand prize was a Helicopter Ride over the Athabasca Glacier, we will land, be offered a celebration drink and time for you to take in this once in a lifetime experience. Ralph Sliger President/CEO ICEFIELD HELI TOURS CANADA KANANASKIS HELI TOURS CANADA donated 1 of the 2 seats and the ever amazing BLUE CIRCLE INSURANCE donated the other seat! WOW!! We are speechless with their generosity and deeply moved and grateful for the amazing gift!

Alberta Flood Heli Tours Canada

More Donations from Amazing People & Companies

 Alberta Flood Boston Pizza High River

Alberta Flood gets Support from Local Motorcycle Riders

With over 40 riders showing up, we left Pops Pub and made our way to Bragg Creek, where much of the downtown was affected by the flood. At the time of our ride, many businesses were just on the verge of opening.

Alberta Flood Bragg Creek shopping

Bragg Creek to Priddis

From Bragg Creek we made our way on the new pavement to Priddis, where we parked, enjoyed some food, beverages and met new riders. The clouds were building, thunder and lightening were threatening us as we made our way to Black Diamond.


Turner Valley bridge is now open to Black Diamond

The bridge that connects Turner Valley and Black Diamond just opened the night before our ride. Black Diamond was another town that suffered from the flood, we stopped at the Black Diamond Hotel where more food and beverages were ordered. Clouds still dark but looking like it was heading east, we made our way south then east to High River.

Alberta Flood Black Diamond Turner Valley

Riders dig deeper as we ride through High River

This community was hit the hardest as the whole town was affected and still is heavily affected by the Alberta Floods. 3 weeks after the flood the town is still cleaning up, some people have not even been able to get back to see their home. With people working as fast and safe as they can, the streets, the homes and the businesses still have a long way to go! We were made welcome at the Boston Pizza in High River, from friendly quick service to complimentary delicious pizza bread for all of us to enjoy! Thank you BP!!

Alberta Flood High River homes

The Ride is done, now for the Roast

Now the clouds have completely left us, we enjoyed a fun ride back to Calgary where a meal fit for king & queen riders was waiting! Big thanks to Troy’s son Glenn and his girlfriend Saralyn who cooked all day for us, it was delicious!!

Alberta Flood Ride Roast

Lots of Prizes and Happy Winners

Now for the fun part… PRIZES! We had 13 prizes plus the Grand Prize to draw for… We gave out almost 3000 tickets to the 40+ riders and the most bizarre thing happened… 5 people won 2 or more prizes, leaving the Grand Prize as a big guess if their luck would continue! Gerry from Blue Circle drew the lucky ticket and the winner of the Heli Tour to Athabasca Glacier, night stay at Chateau Canmore, dinner at Rose & Crown in Canmore was Tod Hall! Congrats Tod! Congratulations to all the other winners and for every rider who came out and donated to the Rubber Boot Ride & Roast to support the Alberta Flood of 2013.

Big thank you to ALL OUR SPONSORS! We are very grateful for your generosity and know this event would not be as successful with out you!

Alberta Flood Big Winner ALberta flood Winners