Summer time in Alaska, what do you think of? As a motorcyclist one may think, Alaska Daylight, Hmmm can I really ride 24 hours a day? Most of you are probably relieved to know that the sun does set for a few hours and you can’t ride your motorcycle safely 24 hours a day. Yet if you have not experienced the long Alaska daylight hours, you are missing out.
Alaska Daylight

Alaska daylight how much is there?

Depending where you are in Alaska through out the summer months will vary a couple hours. Here is the trick to riding for that long in a day… when the sun is shining your body and mind believe it is still daytime and you don’t get tired, it is a bizarre feeling and even funnier that you tricked yourself. It is neat that you check your watch to see what time it is, thinking it is about 7:00pm and it is 1:30am!!


  • Anchorage: Sunrise 4:30am / Sunset 11:30pm Total Daylight 19 hours
  • Fairbanks: Sunrise 3:00am / Sunset 12:45am Total Daylight Over 21 hours
  • Juneau: Sunrise 3:50am / Sunset 10:10pm Total Daylight 19 hours
  • Seward:Sunrise 4:30am / Sunset 11:30pm Total Daylight 19 hours
  • Barrow:Sunrise UP / Sunset UP Total Daylight 24 hours for 85 days

Not that you could ride to or around Barrow as it is the most northerly point.

Long Daylight hours in Alaska

Summer Solstice

Longest day of the year, June 20th or June 21st is when the Earth’s axial tilt is most inclined towards the sun at its maximum of 23° 26′ (angle).Ride Stop n Go’s Fact for the day Great time to ride up to Alaska, enjoy the longer riding days or enjoy a regular riding day with a long afternoon to take in the activities of Alaska. This is why the Dust to Dawson is planned for this time of year, gives the riders all the daylight they need to get to their end destination.
Riders enjoying the longer days

What the locals had to say

The longer daylight hours were new to us and we loved them, we talked to some local Alaskanites (not sure what the term is) here is what they had to say:

  • “sure get a lot done in a day”
  • “no one ever gets sick with cold or flu, good ol’ Vit D”
  • “make money while the sun shines cause come winter things change big time”
  • “takes a few weeks to get used and even harder to change when the days get shorter”
  • “work up here for 4 years during tourist season, never knew I could go this long without sleep”
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