Don’t miss out on any of the amazing Alaska Attractions

With over 655,000 square miles of land in this 49th state, you will no doubt find lots to see and do, maybe overwhelming at first. We put together a list of 9 things that you must do & plan in your motorcycle trip, you will NOT be disappointed!!

Mount McKinley and Denali National Park

Mt McKinley Denali National Park

North America’s Highest Peak Mt McKinley is over 20,000ft above sea level. Mt McKinley can be hard to see due to low-lying clouds some days. The monumental mountain is located in the Denali National Park and Preserve. The main road through the park is open to automobile traffic only as far as Savage River (mile 14). Travel beyond this point is allowed only on the park shuttle buses, on foot, or on a bicycle.
Don’t worry if you have not the time or do not want to fork out the money to take the shuttle to the base of the mountain there are numerous locations along the highway to take some pics with you, your motorcycle and the majestic mountain in the background. EPIC!!

Alaska Pipeline & Dalton Highway

Alaska Pipeline
Since the pipeline has been around since the mid ’70′s, people take it for granted, drive by it and never pay attention to it…unless you have never saw it before! 800 miles of pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez Alaska that pumps millions and millions of barrels of oil. In order for this pipeline to happen a road had to be built..The Dalton Highway was hastily constructed in just 5 months, in 1974, to provide access for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline under construction. It was built at a similar pace, price, and fashion as the nearby, World War Two-era Alaska Highway. There are a few places you can see the pipeline from the highway, it is a big part of history and the huge impact it had on Alaska, the USA and the oil boom!

The North Pole

The Naughty or Nice list does exist… we stopped in at Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole Alaska and saw it for ourselves. They take their name very serious, as the street lamp poles are candy canes, the streets are named after reindeer and the elves never quit working!

north pole alaska

Homer Ak, the Spit, Halibut Fishing Capitol of the World

homer alaska halibut capitol
Probably one of our favorite places to ride to, stay at and entertain ourselves for a few days! Homer Alaska is a town of about 5000 people, these 5000 people obviously LOVE the fishing atmosphere! Homer Alaska is famous for many things, like it being the Halibut Fishing Capitol of the World, for its 4.5 mile gravel bar that takes you to Land’s End. You must stop in at the Salty Dawg Saloon, pay your respects at the Seafarer’s Memorial, and if you are lucky will see the Time Bandit Fishing boat.

Chicken Alaska

chicken alaska
Man oh man is this a great, fun and interesting place to ride to! Everything you want or need is right here… and if it isn’t, it just means you don’t need it! Chicken AK has less than 25 people living there but fills up with tourist daily during the summer.
You will enjoy great food at the Chicken restaurant, a cold beverage from the Chicken liquor store, a cool souvenir from the Chicken Store, real chickens in the Chicken pen and clean washroom in the Chicken Coop. Gas is available and the town is run on generators for the most part as we found out first hand.

Hyder Alaska

What a unique town, and by unique we mean that you do not need to clear the US customs border crossing to enter from Stewart BC. You can ride into Hyder, pull up to the Glacier Inn and continue on the tradition of being Hyderized! What does Hyderized mean: You drink a shot of 151 proof moonshine, without puking, snorting or spitting it out. It is some down home smooooooth moonshine! The town of Hyder is less than 100 people and is the most easterly town of Alaska.

Skagway Alaska

skagway alaska cruise ships
Skagway is a main cruise ship port, massive cruise ships dock and then the town is flooded with tourist who want to eat, shop and take a lot of photos. It is crazy how alive the town becomes when the cruise ships dock and even ghostly when they set sail again. It is like the tide coming in and going out only with people. So many great restaurants, pubs to check out, the people are extremely friendly and a lot of fun. Tourism is Skagway’s bread and butter and they know how to do it up right!

Wild Life in Alaska

homer alaska halibut capitol
It is always neat to see animals when riding but way more cool to see them from a distance! Be prepared to see many different animals on and off the road, moose, elk, reindeer, caribou, black bears. A good idea to have bear spray packed on your bike somewhere easily accessible, it is not uncommon for bears to walk out of the bush.
The bald eagles are a beauty to see, watching them soar and see how massive they are once they perch themselves in a tree near you!

Delta Junction

delta Junction mosquitos
The end of the official ALCAN Highway, mile 1422 (originally) another great place to stop and learn a little more. Delta Junction is not hiding the fact that they have XL bugs as they have displays of mosquitos that would eat you in one bite!

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