We want YOU to add YOUR Favourite Motorcycle Rides here, share your experiences and opinions with other riders about where the best motorcycle rides in North America are.
We all have a favourite ride that we tell everyone about, we ride it any chance we can and love to take our buddies on the ride too!
The greatest thing about North America is there are hundreds of thousands of roads to ride on, no matter what kind of bike you ride and just not enough time to ride them all.
You can Add Your Favourite Motorcycle Rides here for riders to know where all the cool places are to Ride Stop n Go when they are in your neck of the woods. It’s also great information for any and all riders to have handy when they are heading your way.
What a better way to go for a ride in an area you have never rode in before, it’s like your own personal tour guide, off the tourist trail and onto the backroads where all the hidden gems are waiting for you to explore.

Let’s hear from YOU, the rider

Add A Ride Scenery
There has to be one or 12 reasons why this is one of your favourite rides, and we want you to share that with other riders who would love to find out:

  • Where are the great burger joints to eat at?
  • Where do you stay overnight? if it is a longer trip
  • What are the roads like?
  • What are the views like?
  • Are there lots of fuel stops available on this ride?
  • What should riders stop and see along the way?


Add-A-Ride, How does it work?

We here at Ride Stop n Go, T&A (Troy & Ang) love discovering new roads, new pubs, new places we haven’t been to before, especially in a different State or Province. We also love taking riders on our favourite rides in Alberta, plus recommending favourite rides we have done outside of Alberta and connecting riders together to do rides where ever they may be going.

Add A Ride Map
Here’s how it works

  • Register a username, you can use your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account too
  • Once email confirmation is sent, click on Add-A-Ride at the top of the site
  • Follow along filling in the title, select your state/prov.
  • Map out your route, see video map instructions (blue button) if required
  • Answer the questions with lots of details, so other riders can visualize the ride
  • Upload picture(s) from that ride and click SUBMIT

What happens after I submit a ride?

First off we are very happy and thankful you added one of your favourite rides and look forward to the next ones! We go through each ride to make sure it has some what clean content then approve it to be LIVE on the website. By selecting your state or province from the drop down box at the beginning of entering your ride, it will be placed in the appropriate state or province, sorting all rides accordingly.

Vote on the rides

Vote add a ride
Vote on your favourite ride, it’s good to hear everyone’s view of the ride, no 2 people ever see the same thing!

Heres how: After you have read about the ride, scroll below the pictures, you will see 5 stars, roll your mouse over the stars, which will change colour, rate is 1 through 5, with 5 being THEE BEST, click on the star that you think the ride deserves. With each ride being voted on, the list of The Best Rides in… grows and eventually you will have the best rides in North America, voted by riders at your finger tips.

Comment on the rides that have been added, maybe you stayed somewhere different or had a cold beverage at another pub, let the riders know of other options that are available. Maybe it is a total different view doing it the opposite way the other rider added it.

Add Your Favourite Motorcycle Rides, all of them!

We love to hear from you and share with the 100’s and 100’s of other riders who are always looking for that FANTASTIC RIDE. Add as many as you want, we will randomly be selecting contributors and sending you Ride Stop n Go Swag like T-shirts, Koozies and patches just to name a few and who knows we just may show up on your doorstep and get you to take us on YOUR favourite ride, we will video it and put you in one of our TV Shows!!

Search for a ride by State or Province

Want to see what other riders have added?
Want to know of a great ride in a different place than you live?
We are building and growing the Best Motorcycle Rides in North America so you can find easy to access information. You can search by State or Province, you can view the top voted rides, you can see all the rides in Canada or the United States.

Find a Ride By State or Province

Ride Stop n Go’s Goal

Our goal is to have all the information riders need and wants at his/her finger tips, one stop shop to find that amazing scenic ride, the best Steak House or Bloody Mary around, is there is a clean cheap motorcycle friendly motel and if there is a fuel concern for the smaller tank. Riders don’t need much to enjoy the open road and by Ride Stop n Go providing trip details, it gives you the rider more wind therapy time, cause really what else is there?

Share the link, the page and your rides

Spread the word, share the link of the Add-A-Ride page and when your ride is posted, share that link!
Get your buddies to add their favourite rides, vote on the existing rides they have rode.
Hell even make a competition out of it LOL!!

Have fun with it, we look forward to seeing and riding your Favourite Motorcycle Rides.

Cheers T&A