Another riding season is upon us and needless to say I am super stoked to be riding the Indian Dark Horse Chieftain again and it is time for the 2018 Review Indian Dark Horse Chieftain.
The perfect Indian Motorcycle for Ang
I arrived at Cycleworks Motorsports in Calgary on April 28,2018 to pick up the bike, Vince pulled my bike out into the middle of the showroom.
I sat on it immediately and noticed the 2018 model had a few different features than the 2017.
Vince and I were chatting about all of the new great enhancements and he then told me this wasn’t my bike… you could have heard a pin drop!

What do you mean Vince??!! A million things went through my head LOL
Cycle Works Amazing Team

Vince took me outside and said here is your bike Ang… 2018 Indian Dark Horse Chieftain all decked out with even more accessories!
RED SEAT – back rest- stage 1- Chrome accessories – heated grips – extended reach kickstand – engine guards and covers – just to name a few!

2018 Review Indian Dark Horse Chieftain

Dark Horse Chieftain
Fast forward 2 months and I have put on over 10,000km on this beauty!
Below is my review and a list of the changes from the 2017 to 2018 model.


  • It’s a GORGEOUS bike that gets lots of attention
  • Power and torque – 111 Thunder Stroke Motor
  • The balance, the ease of turning, gliding around corners, curves, twists and turns
  • Electric Windshield
  • Saddle bags with remote/automatic locks, the storage space is super
  • Stereo system
  • Location of USB charger, right in the dash
  • 20.8 L fuel tank, over 300km on a tank now it is broken in
  • The Red Seat – the first thing people talk about when they see the bike
  • The guard covers – keep bugs off my pants, dryer and warmer when wet weather


Red Seat

  • The shape of the seat, being a woman and shorter, it would be great to have a narrow seat from factory as an option. We sit differently than men on the seat so having a more narrow seat will be more comfortable.


Differences between 2017 and 2018 Dark Horse Chieftain

2018 Review Indian Dark Horse Chieftain

  • Ride Command ~ The Navigation system and all the electronics – more details below about all these great features
  • The location of the handlebar controls, I am able to reach them no problem and not have to take my hand off the grips
  • The location of USB plug in for your phone, is now in the dash and easily accessible
  • The Front fender doesn’t have the skirted fender or the head dress light
  • Electronic Windshield now comes with quick up or down option. Double push the button and it automatically goes all the way up or down, whichever direct you have pushed the toggle

Ride Command – The Navigation System

If anyone knows me I’m not good at navigating or paying attention to roads/routes etc so having the GPS right in front of my eyes is a huge bonus.
Everything is digital
GPS – set route before you ride, but you can find gas stations, accommodations, point of interests while riding
Bluetooth – can see incoming calls, hookup your music
Set Miles or Kilometers
Resetting Trip Odometer
Setting the clock
Tire pressure
Fuel economy
Presetting radio stations ( up to 18 Favourites)

Miles N Smiles continue

Just a girl and her bike

I have received a few messages that said “Hey I saw you riding on the highway, I could pick you and red seat out a miles away”
I totally love the look, the feel and the power of the 2018 Dark Horse chieftain, in fact so did the police officer who kindly pulled me over!
Thankfully no ticket but we did have a good chat about the Indian motorcycle lineup and the fact that I was riding this big bike on my own across the prairies.

I was looking back on the 2017 review and the last line says … I can honestly say that the Dark Horse Chieftain has brought me thousands of miles N smiles!

Here’s to a few thousand more!

My motto for the year is MILES N SMILES and that is exactly what the Dark Horse Chieftain does for me!

Big Thank You to BlueCircle Insurance for sponsoring myself again this year and to Big Chief Meat Snacks.