This year we were lucky enough to get back in the saddle on a couple of new motorcycles courtesy of Cycle Works Motorsports of Calgary. The bikes were graciously supplied by the Indian Motorcycle Company and the Victory Motorcycle Company respectively.
Here is our 2016 Review New Bikes Troy on Victory Ang on Indian
Victory Magnum Indian Springfield 2016
Troy is riding the sleek, low slung power cruiser 2016 Victory Magnum he has distinctively named “White Lightning”. Angela is riding the all new model, The Indian Springfield, the only thing shared on this bike with other models is the 111 cubic inch Thunderstroke powerplant.

The video and the writings contained here gives our thoughts and our personal review after riding these bikes for quite few thousand kilometers. A first review of the many to come as we ride all over in search of motorcycle haven.

2015 World’s Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride

Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride NYC Time Square

Last year, the summer of 2015 found us traveling around North America on The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride. We rode two new motorcycles ; Troy on the Indian Chieftain and Angela on the Victory Magnum. These bikes were put to ultimate test of endurance and reliability as we racked up 30,000km over the full years ride.

Have a look here for more insight on the ride.

Cycle Works asked us; What do you want to do in 2016?

Cycle Works Motorsports Alberta
With the success of last years journey we were asked by Cycle Works GM Vince Aeillo, “Do you guys want to do it again?” With little trepidation and even less prodding we eargly accepted. Vince then stated” Lets change it up a little this year and get Angela on the new Indian Sprinfield and Troy on the Victory Magnum”. Troys heart sank and from the skin gone white as a ghost appearance and his loss for words, devastated he was. Ang on the other hand smiled and tears of joy overcame her as soon she would have 119ft pounds of torque at her disposal.

Troy’s Review of the Victory Magnum

2016 Victory Magnum
As Vince rolled out the matte white Victory Magnum I still felt restless,you see I am somewhat faithful to other American made brands. Although the beautiful paint and 21″ front tire draws attention I was still unsure of the latest offering from Victory Motorcycles.

I am pretty familiar with the Magnum as Angela put 30,00km on one last year. I did get to put a few kms on her Magnum last year but with the windshield and seat set up for her 5’2″ frame, it was pretty uncomfortable for me. The factory settings on this years ride should be more to my liking.

The Magnum, a whole lot of fun!

Troys is having a lot of fun on the Magnum

My first ride on the Victory Magnum found me in total surprise and shock as the first tight corner I took found me dragging the pipes, not the floorboards.. Wow this is going to be fun. After putting well over 10,000kms on the Magnum I have learned to really enjoy this motorcycle and it is almost in a class of its own. I am not sure what to compare it to. A power cruiser of sorts. I have not found many other V-Twin cruisers that can keep up to this bike, in the corners or in the straight-aways.

Gadgets are great!

The accessories are easily controlled at your finger tips, the stereo works well, shifting is easy although getting used to hearing the clunking of the gears may take some time, it is a noise of quality. There is more than ample storage in the huge saddle bags and the wind buffeting is easy to handle once you find a windshield that suits you.



  • Power
  • Looks
  • Fit & Finish
  • Fuel Capacity
  • Comfort
  • Floor Boards


  • Low Rear End; dragging pipes
  • Heavy feeling front end, maybe due to 21″ front tire
  • Not many options for carrying additional tea bags or barrel bag
  • Seals for saddle bags could be better
  • No FOB



After getting past my initial thoughts of riding a Victory, I have really begun to enjoy this bike. There has been nothing funner than rolling up beside a Harley only to have the pilot look over and say nice bike. Then blow his doors off to the next light. The Victory Magnum is a “power cruiser” like none other and I am somewhat surprised I like it as much as I do, so are many of my friends.

Be careful as the saying goes, once you ride one and you just may own one!

Ang’s Review of the Indian Springfield

2016 Indian Springfield
When I first seen the Indian Red Springfield roll out the door I was a little nervous maybe scared. It seemed like a much bigger, wider bike than I was used to. It certainly had to be heavier than a tank I thought to myself. In saying that it was majestic almost regal in an old school kind of way. The first thing was the colour, Indian Motorcycle must have matched an old colour from one of the earlier Indians from days gone by.

Legendary Branding

2016 Indian Springfield Branding
The scalloped front fender with the Indian head sitting atop proud and powerful. The lines of this bike will bring anyone back with memories of better days gone by. The badging is beautiful and everwhere and not overstated. Then there is the workhorse, the powerplant, the beautiful finned heads of the Thundestroke 111 drew me in and later will draw most other riders gaze into the heart and soul of this bike. It is an eye-catcher as I have found out, it gets more looks, attracts more comments than possibly any other motorcycle on the market today.

Tweak to fit my Vertically Challenged body

2016 Indian Springfield

After riding the bike and getting used to it we did change a few things to suit my small 5’2 1/2” vertically challenge self. The seat was changed to our trying to get me flat footed, while it seemed lower cut it was also a bit wider. Returning to the original seat I am almost flat footed and this seat feels better between the legs. We removed the passenger seat and added a luggage rack for the longer trips.

Loving the suspension

Gone were the wide, beach bar like handlebars in favor of pull back bars and of course heated grips, different pipes and some Bluetooth Indian speakers mounted on the bars. One of the things I really like on this bike is the suspension, it is super soft without feeling spongy and I don’t have to slow down riding over the railroad tracks that dot the countryside. I have rode a 1000+ kilometres in a day, putting the bike and myself to the test. The power, torque, suspension, cruise and reliability made the long days enjoyable all the while getting better and better fuel mileage.



  • Power/Torque
  • Pipes and Sound
  • FOB
  • Classic Look
  • Suspension
  • Hard Locking saddle bag w/remote
  • The Reliability
  • The Accessories added on: Bluetooth Indian Speakers-Heated Grips-Luggage Rack



  • Turning tight turns, most likely due to my lack of arm length
  • FOB alarm going off randomly when I put it in 1st gear
  • Fuel Gauge on tank needs a better seal as moisture has gotten inside
  • Finding the correct 12V adapter to plug into connection in saddlebag
  • A lot of heat coming off the motor, once moving it is better



I am really enjoying the Springfield, every time I get on her a smile appears! The comments about her beauty from fellow riders and complete strangers at stop lights, gas stations or riding down the road, thumbs up from people never gets old. My personality is not so much old school classic but the Springfield has got me thinking I may want to tweak one or two things!

2016 Review New Bikes Troy on Victory Ang on Indian

If you have read this far down the page, Thank you and congrats! As of Aug 15th Troy has almost 15000km on the Magnum and Ang has just over 7000km on the Springfield. We are doing our best to get out and about to as many as we can riding events and boy oh boy are there lots!
Coming up for in our next review Troy has some modifications done to his Magnum, just so Ang doesn’t beat him in speed and loudness!!
Ride Safe & Have Fun
Cheers from T&A