Roads in Alberta Thanks to Mother Nature our 2014 BS Tour will begin a little later than expected, we might add that we are a little pissy about it too!! It has been a long cold winter here in Calgary Alberta and we are ready to get out and ride for more than a couple hours.

2014 BS Tour, could it really be just some bull shit idea?

First off the BS does in some degree stand for Bull Shit, referencing the long season of winter, being totally fed up with it but the real things is it stands for is British Columbia and Sturgis our destinations this year. Yea Yea we know we could have called it the BCS Tour, but people may think we are going back in time, like Before Christ… or back to the Baja California Sur, which would be ok too!

Roads in Alberta

British Columbia, Tell us where to Ride, Stop n Go to!

We have rode little bits and pieces of BC, the carrot has been dangled to us by the scenery, the roads and the people that we decided we want MORE!! Here is where you, the fellow motorcyclist comes in…WHERE SHOULD WE GO??? We have a few routes we want to do and do over but where are some really cool places we should ride to? From mountain ranges to coast line, to heavily forested valleys to wine country, places to stop and eat, as well as have a beverage and stay the night!
Roads in Alberta

74th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, are you going?

Sturgis is not for everyone, with 500-600,000 people already attending, it is probably a good idea it is not for everyone. We are quite fond of going, we quite enjoy ourselves there and we are always looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new friends and seeing some of the crazy stuff that goes on during the 10 days.

Click the button below to watch our episode on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis 73rd Motorcycle Rally

Working on some Exciting things…oh like

We are working on a couple pretty cool things to do while at Sturgis, something that we have never done before! What we can tell you is that is the link you will want to put into your favorites and watch for further details to be released as we get closer to the rally!
Roads in Alberta

2014 BS Tour begins

June seems like a great month to begin this awesome tour, gives you time to send us your suggestions on where to Ride, where to Stop and where to Go!! In the meantime, we will get our bikes serviced, maybe even get Troy to wash his old Red bike (a.k.a The Deer Hunter), pack our bags and point our “kids” west!

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2014 BS Tour
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Here are some Non Bull Shit facts about riding in Canada

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