Everyone has to start somewhere, whether you are 4, 24 or 64, there will be a first, the first time you sat on a motorcycle, kick or push started it, twisted the throttle and the ever lasting grin that never leaves your face when you are on 2 wheels. What was your 1st motorcycle you rode? Was it a 50cc, CT70, CR80, moped, or was it a bigger 250CC. Reading this you have already taken yourself back to that warm summer day when your dad brought home a bike, or you visit your country bunkin cousins on a farm and they double dog dare you to take it for a rip! Good Times… no matter what the memory is, we all have the memory like it happened yesterday!

Comment below what your 1st ride was, how old were you?

Did you start riding a dirt bike as a young kid?

Ang's 1st bike
I can be totally wrong but it seems today that there was more kids back in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s out riding a motorcycle, I’m talking about kids from age 4-14. Please correct me if I’m wrong and I will be just as excited that there are lots of kids from the last couple of decades out making memories, making ramps, beating race times and learning how to fix their own bike so they can keep up with their buddies.
Learning how to ride when you were a kid taught you several life skills, discovering how far you could push yourself, scare the crap out of us as we hit the jump a little too hot but as you are flying through the air, nothing else matters at that moment, not even how you are going to land it!!
You learn respect for the motorcycle and yourself, you learn about taking care of your bike, you learn there are rules and if you break them, being grounded from your bike sucks. You learned getting muddy on the track was some of the best tasting dirt you will eat, the tears that you hold back because you lost the race or bent the wrist a little too far, makes you stronger and more determined to learn from your mistake and get him next time!

Brave Adults hop on 2 wheels for 1st time

Riding later in life
How cool is that you are listening to your inner calling, “Ride a Bike”, “Buy a Bike”, “Live to Ride”, “Freedom”, no matter how old you may think you are! Life always has a way of happening and yet everything happens at the right time, starting your riding career at 38 is the exact time to start… for you!
We visit Too Cool Motorcycle School often through out their training season and it is so exciting to see all the variety of riders out educating themselves to be better riders. Brand new riders who are not sure the difference between the clutch and the brake, to riders who have rode dirt bikes as kids and have all the bad habits still to the season rider who wants a refresher course. Best thing you can do for yourself is to take a Motorcycle Safety Course, especially if you used to ride as a kid and now 40 years later you are getting back on a bike. Even if you ride 2500km a year and are not feeing 100% confident riding, take a refresher course, work on your skills, it will save your life!!

Shout out to all the FEMALE Riders

Female Riders
The motorcycle industry is growing every year and proudly the growth is due to 50% of new riders are women, that’s right ladies more and more women are getting their own bikes, riding beside their husband and friends not behind them. Now we all know riding a motorcycle is NOT for everyone, and there are a lot of fantastic women who enjoy riding behind their partner, and we are glad you are there just know if you ever want to try it, you can!
That is the great thing about taking the safety course, you may think you want to ride your own motorcycle, take the course and realize it just isn’t for you, totally fine!

Comment below telling us about your 1st ride

What kind of bike do I buy?

Too Cool Motorcycle School try out all kinds of bikes
This is like selecting a boyfriend or girlfriend, it is SOLELY your choice.

What is important to you:

  • price
  • make
  • model
  • horse power
  • colour
  • features
  • new or used

There a different styes of bikes:

  • Cruiser
  • Sport Bike
  • Touring
  • Sport Touring
  • Dual Sport
  • Off Road
  • Scooters or Mopeds

Now the fun part comes where you can go around to dealerships and sit on all kinds of different bikes, most motorcycle safety school have a variety of bikes to ride during the class as well.
You will want to find a bike that fits “YOU”, your height, your personality, your attitude and your bank account!

Good Luck!!
Be sure to leave your comment below about what your 1st ride was

Our 1st bikes

What was your 1st motorcycle you rode?
If you haven’t heard us talk about what was our 1st motorcycle we rode, keep reading haha.
Troy was 8 yrs old, a city kid sent to a farm, he was not thrilled to be at a farm at first until his buddies said, Hey Carlson why don’t you take it for a spin!?! He hopped on the Z50 with a hockey helmet for protection and gunned it, not having a clue what he was really doing!
I, Ang was around 8 as well, growing up on the farm, watching my older brother ride his bike, not wanting to be left behind I put on my fancy white helmet, he showed me how to kick start it and away I went.
Needless to say we both were hooked and even though we only rode until we were teenagers, life happened and it has now allowed us the space and time in our lives to pick up where we left off.