We are very excited to bring you an 11×17 coated tri-fold map of 10 Great Alberta Burger & 10 Great Alberta Rides, which you can pick up at the Calgary & Edmonton Motorcycle Shows for FREE!!! We have partnered up with Blue Circle Insurance, Dominion Insurance and Intact Insurance to feature 10 great burgers and 10 great rides in Alberta. BUT WAIT there’s more.

The 10 great burgers and rides are in no particular order, our input along with several other riders input, we selected these as Alberta’s 10 great Burger & Rides. We want to know YOUR great burger joint and great ride in Alberta, JOIN THE CONVERSATION, enter to win a lot of cool stuff and a chance for your Great Burger Great Ride be chosen, featured on our show next summer! Even better… Blue Circle will pick up your tab for fuel & burgers!! How cool is that???

If you can’t make it to the Calgary or Edmonton Motorcycle Show, you can download a copy of the map on our site (not coated) if you want a coated map JOIN THE CONVERSATION and request one, it will be mailed to you!