No one wants to be hassled at any border crossing, follow these 10 Tips for Hassle Free Border Crossing into Canada on your motorcycles, and hope you get an agent who isn’t pissed off that they had to come to work today.

#1: Valid Passport is required

Must to have a valid passport to cross in to Canada, have it in an quick easy accessible location on your bike to give to the agent.
10 Tips for Hassle Free Border Crossing into Canada

#2: Turn off your bike, remove your goggles or glasses

You may scoff at authority, show them respect by turning your bike off, removing your eye wear before they have to ask, that will go a long way with them.

#3: Be relaxed, have eye contact while answering their questions

A lot of agents are typical Canadians, friendly and courteous, just don’t give them any reason to Not Be. Directly answer their questions, in short format, no need for a story.
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#4: Be upfront and truthful with any “priors”

The past always bites us in the ass, so be upfront and speak matter of fact with any details that may raise an eyebrow. If you carry any papers that support a pardon etc, have them ready to show if they ask for them.
I Have a DUI, what do I do?
A big surprise for most Americans is that they may be turned away at the Canadian border if they have any type of alcohol related offence.
Sadly it doesn’t matter:

  • if you are arriving as a passenger in another person’s car.
  • if you have no intention of driving in Canada but taking a ferry instead.
  • if your offense was classified as a misdemeanor or a felony.

More Details here about prior criminal offences.

#5: Declaring alcohol, tobacco and wads of cash

There are limits to alcohol and tobacco that you can bring into Canada, do your homework and stay under that limit. You must declare any more than $10,000 in cash on you when you cross into Canada,
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#6: Weapons and Firearms… a big NO-NO

There are 4 options for you when comes to weapons and firearms and crossing into Canada.

If you Store your firearms at lockers at or near border crossings, you will have to return to that border crossing to pick them up on your return back into the states.
If you are traveling through Canada to Alaska, you will have to ship your weapon or firearm from the USA to Alaska, unless you have a special permit from the RCMP.

#7: Traveling with a group, pull up to customs agents separately

99% of the time each bike goes individually, even if your spouse is on his/her own bike.
Once your partner is at the window, some agents have been known to wave the other half up, only go if agent waves you up.
hassle free border crossing canada motorcycle

#8: Know your dates, travel plans and destination

You might not know your exact travel stops but an over all jist of your plans of where you are going is much appreciated. If traveling in a group, everyone should know the game plan of your travels, not in detail but an overall is a good idea.

#9: Put your helmet on after you clear customs

Welcome to Canada, where helmets are to be worn in every province. Most border crossings have a pull out area, where once you have cleared customs you can go there, dig out your helmet. Best to use the pull out areas and not just any old spot, you will be asked to leave the spot or pulled back into questioning.
hassle free border crossing canada motorcycle

#10: Opening any saddle bags or compartments

If they ask to look in your bags, best to get off your bike, unlock and open them, then step back and let them have a look. Most times they will let you close the compartment/saddle bags, which is good because then you know it is shut and won’t have shit flying out as you ride down the road.

10 Tips for Hassle Free Border Crossing into Canada

Welcome to Canada
Following these 10 tips for hassle free border crossing into Canada on your motorcycle will hopefully make your crossing quick, easy so that you can get to the good part… Riding in CANADA!!

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