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    10 Great Alberta Burgers-10 Great Alberta Rides is what you are looking for.
  • There is nothing much better than riding your motorcycle knowing that somewhere along your trip, a mouth-watering burger awaits you.
  • The two go hand in hand and the Canadian province of Alberta has the best of both.

In conjunction with BlueCircle Insurance we got together, rode our motorcycles around Alberta in search of the 10 best rides and the 10 best burgers.

The inaugural search took us through the Rocky Mountains, across the prairies over the boreal forests and into the badlands, all in search of great motorcycle roads and great mouth-watering burgers.

We think we located the best. Enjoy the ride and let us know if you agree.

10 Great Alberta Burgers 10 Great Alberta Rides

Troy and Ang Angela and I, Troy, have ridden our own motorcycles all over North America, we have found many great burgers and many great rides!

Reading on you will find detailed maps and information on 10 Great Alberta Burgers and 10 Great Alberta Rides. As you may have gathered we love to ride and yes we love our burgers. Fortunate for us we have shared many of both, with many of you. We look forward to seeing you on the road sometime and somewhere in 2016.

Yes this is how we came about The 10 Great Motorcycle Burger Rides in Alberta

10 Great Alberta Burgers
10 Great Alberta Rides

Calgary to Kananaskis to Calgary-390km

This great ride and equally great burger takes you through the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, eventually leading you to highway 40 or the Kananaskis Trail as it is sometimes called.

You will soon find yourself gaining in elevation as you ride past emerald green lakes, crystal clear rivers and towering mountains as you twist the throttle through long sweeping corners. This road leads you up and over the Highwood Pass; which just happens to be the highest paved road in Canada. After this exhilarating ride a stop at Longview’s Twin Cities Saloon is a must.

Highwood Pass Highwood 40

Highwood 40 This infamous hotel is known for the people, the ambience, the history, the deck and of course a great locally sourced burger. Let us recommend the Ride-Stop-N-Go burger, it will not disappoint.

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Grande Prairie to Jasper-394km

If riding and two great destinations are what your looking for; this is the ride for you. After leaving the city of Grande Prairie you will soon find yourself on the lonely highway 40 which is lined with rivers, trees and mountain views.

The first destination is in the town of Grande Cache. This small town will awaken your senses as it is built on a plataeu surrounded be three magnificant valleys and the vistas may intice you to come back and explore.. A great home made burger awaits you at the Big Horn Restaurant and promises to quiet your pallat. To help you digest; on the road you soon will find youeself enjoying the twists, turns and many elevation changes that wind south through William A Switzer Provincial Park and eventually highway 16.

Grande Prairie to Jasper

Grande Prairie to Jasper MapFrom here you travel quickly out of the eastern slopes of the majestic Canadian Rockies on your way to the second great destination, the Rocky mountain town of Jasper.You will be rewarded.

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Red Deer to Saskatchewan River Crossing-260km

Leaving the central Alberta city of Red Deer and heading west on Highway 11 (the David Thompson Highway) you may wonder why you’re heading in this direction.

Traffic on the new four lane blacktop can be busy with city weekenders on their pilgrimage to the popular Sylvan Lake. One does not have to worry to much. Just west of the turn off to the lake the lanes narrow back to two and you start to relax and enjoy the smells of nearby ranches and farms as well as much less traffic. Before long you will find yourself in the town of Rocky Mountain House. West of this mid size town you almost immediately find yourself in the forests and foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Soon Nordegg comes into view as you realize you are in the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Be sure to Stop in at the Nordegg Lodge for an absolutely fantastic Bison Burger, It shoud not be missed. Spend a bit of time in this old coal mining town as it offers lots of local history and is a registered national historic site.

Red Deer to Saskatchewan River Crossing

Red Deer to Saskatchewan River CrossingAfter leaving Nordegg and heading west incredible views immideatly come into view. Passing Abraham Lake you will wonder how this man made lake gets its amazing colour and a picture stop is a must. The rest of the ride to Saskatchewan River Crossing will numb your eyes, open your soul and leave you breathless. This is what riding is all about.
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Fort McMurray to Lac la Biche-300km

Wow, is all we have to say about this ride. You expect to see tons of cars, heavy traffic and riding through mountaous ruts caused by the previous mentioned.

When in fact you encounter beautiful new blacktop, long windy roads, fresh air and the smell of moist boreal forest. Leaving the smell of oil and money as you head south the few miles to Anzak are a little bumpy and yes there is some oilfield traffic but after stooping for a great burger at the Zee Bar in Anzak, you’re ready to ride. Highway 881 is mostly two lanes with shallow shoulders and you will become immersed in the beautiful boreal forests that lay ahead for the next 300km. As you pass through Conklin and the half-way point you may find yourself tiring of getting knocked in the head with massive horsefly’s that seem to seek out motorcyclists helmets.

Fort McMurray to Lac La Biche
Fort McMurray to Lac la Biche MapStep on the throttle; enjoy the long sweeping corners and be lightly aware of wandering animals as you chuckle to yourself as you spend this ride in solitude and amazement. One of Albertas best kept riding secrets.

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Lake Louise to Jasper-236km

This great ride and great burger trip takes us through the unbelievably scenic Icefields Parkway, otherwise known as highway 93.

Some have said it is one of the most beautiful rides in the world. We do not disagree. This beautiful ride starts at the blue green waters of Lake Louise and parallels the continental divide, where you traverse the rugged landscape of the Canadian Rockies ending up at the northern town of Jasper. The rest stop about midway on your ride finds you at the intersection of highway 11, otherwise known as Saskatchewan River Crossing. Here you will want to find the crossing pub and resturant which tucked away back in the small motel. Mosey on up the stairs, grab a seat on the outdoor deck and prepare to cook your own burger.
Lake Louise to Jasper

Lake Louise to Jasper Map It is a little expensive but the view and surrounding beauty makes it somewhat less painful. Some of the highlights of this ride are Lake Louise, Crowfoot Glacier, Bow summit (6850ft or 2,088m), Columbia Icefields , Athabasca glacier, Athabasca falls and Sunwapta Falls. There are not many better.
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Calgary to Waterton-300km

We think most motorcyclists would agree this may be the most diverse ride of the 10 that are listed. Leaving south from Calgary one is immediately immersed in relatively flat farm land to the east and a distant view of the majestic Canadian Rockies to the west.

It is not long before you start gaining elevation and roll the throttle through the long sweeping corners of the Porcupine hills eventually spitting you out on highway 22; the cowboy trail. This historic highway parallels side by side the eastern slopes and foothills of the mountains. If the wind here does not keep you engaged, the scenery certainly will. The end destination is the village of Waterton and the national park of the same name. This park is one of the best kept secrets in Alberta and recommend spending some time touring around the area being sure not to miss the incredible Cameron Lake.
Calgary to Waterton

Calgary to Waterton MapLet’s not forget the great burger stop along this route in the town of Nanton. Rumors pub cooks up a great locally made burger with all the trimming cooked on their indoor BBQ. Sit back enjoy the meal on the outdoor deck and enjoy this monumental ride. This is living.

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Edmonton to Dorothy-350km

Although there are some great rides west to the Rockies, north into the boreal forest and south towards the USA border. This central Alberta route is one you may not want to miss.

Rolling on the throttle through prairie farmland, is similar to that of an unravelling canvas, It seems to go on forever as it spreads across the table and eventually falls over the edge. In the riders case that edge is the prehistoric river valley of the badlands in Alberta and the town of Drumheller. Images of dinosaurs and the ice age will fill your helmet as you pass over the Bleriot ferry on your way to Wayne and the 11 bridges that take you to the old mining town. The infamous Rosedeer hotel is said to be haunted and will leave you wondering who is in the shadows of the window.

Edmonton to Dorothy

Edmonton to Dorothy Map
AAs as you sit down to fill your stomach with a mouth-watering burger; allow your eyes to wander and they may just find a bullet hole from years gone by. This friends is your reward.

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Wainright to Dinosaur Provincial Park-420km

Wide open spaces and wide open places start and end this interesting eastern Alberta motorcycle adventure.

The prairies, ranch and farm country and the destination of Canadas answer to the mighty grand canyon is what makes this a great ride. Dinosaur provincial park is what this ride is all about. Depending on the time of year you may see just about any type of wild animal in the fields and hopefully at a distance. You may also run across a snake or two slithering across the hot pavement as you rumble down the less travelled highway. As you step on the throttle and roll on past the farmers and ranchers working in the fields ask yourself, besides oil what made Alberta? Enjoy the solitude and peace as you ride through the wide open prairies and wonder how homesteader’s made a life here. Before you know it as you gaze past the endless horizon a valley of prehistoric ice age comes quickly into view, almost moon like or prehaps middle earth.
Wainwright to Dinosaur Prov Park

Dinosaur Provincial Park MapShut the bike off and walk among the bones of animals that time has long forgot; many lodged in rock in stone. After digging up a dinosaur bone and you got your hunger on, back track a few km’s to the town of Patricia and seek out the infamous Water Hole where you will be greeted with prairie hospitality a great homemade burger and perhaps a dinosaur story or two.

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Cochrane to Drayton Valley-269km

Some great rides are about the journey, some about the destination and some are about both.

This ride is one hundred percent about the journey as there is no real destination. Although we have listed Drayton Valley as the destination you may want to turn right around and ride the beautiful cowboy trail back to Cochrane. This can be done in one day. Highway 22 or the Cowboy Trail is a fantastic secondary single lane highway that parallels highway 2 but closer and into the views of the majestic Canadian Rockies . Leaving the town of Cochrane and riding north, you immediately rise in elevation and the views to the west are breathtaking. You may find it hard to concentrate on the ride ahead. As you twist the throttle through heavy agriculture and ranching land you will soon find yourself coming up to the Water Valley sign. Head west here and ride to the old Water Valley Saloon. Sit down, order a great burger and engage some of the locals in some old school conversation. After your hunger and thirst has been quenched get back on the highway and ride north.

Cochrane to Drayton Valley

Cochrane to Drayton ValleyThe ride will take you through the towns of Cremona, Sundre, Caroline, Rocky mountain house and Eventually Drayton Valley. Some of the highlights on this ride are the incredible views, Water Valley, Crimson Lake and the North Saskatchewan River just before Drayton Valley. You may enjoy the destinations but will remember this journey.
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Medicine Hat to Waterton National Park-450km

One of the nicesest motorcycle rides in sothern Alberta has to be from Medicine Hat to Waterton. This route follows the desert like plains of the prairies and one will be surprised at the numerous pump jacks and gas compressor stations along the highways side.

The landscape quickly changes to farming and ranch lands where you will find plenty of corn fields if in season. We suggest you stop even for a brief moment at the incredible Writing on Stone provincal park and take in the historic rock carvings and aboriginal paintings that dot the area. Heading west you will start to see the peaks of the Rocky Mountains and a stop at Milk Rivers Dine-o’s restaurant for a burger and a pastrie is a must. After filling your belly and climbing back on your bike the mountains slowly grow larger as you hug the USA border and pass through the town Cardson.

Medicine Hat to Waterton

Medicine Hat to WatertonWith out delay you will soon find yourself in the incredibly beautiful town of Waterton The views from this small hamlet and the lakes are amazing. While you are here seek out a local and request directions to the dump, it’s a short gravel ride up to the top but the view from there is like no other in the world. You will be rewarded.

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More Details about 10 Great Alberta Burgers 10 Great Alberta Rides

We have so much to say about these great burger rides, it is hard to put all in one spot. To get more details about these 10 Burger Rides, click on the button below to take you to original 10 Great Alberta Burgers 10 Great Alberta Rides. BlueCircle Insurance printed the laminated maps and continue every year with a map of a different interest.
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The Original 10 Great Alberta Burgers 10 Great Alberta Rides

Look forward to seeing you on the road in 2016 and hopefully you have the time to show us one of your top ten.

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