Part 2: The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride

Left Calgary AB, rode across the prairie provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, meeting up with riders all along the way. Bikes are running great, roads are super, weather has been really good, not much rain. Stopped at Kakabeka Falls and the Terry Fox Monument, lots of history in Ontario too! Heavy Fog welcomed us at Terrace Bay for at least 100km until we reached Marathon ON, we were cold and thankful no animals were on the road as we couldn't see a damn thing!!

We begin The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride

The time has come for The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride to start! Many months of planning and prepping have paid off as we ride the 1st few days of our 8 week adventure. We are going to put the Indian Chieftain and Victory Magnum to the test!! Let's see how they handle the Canadian roads!!

The 10 Best Motorcycle Rides in North America

Experiencing life on 2 wheels, riding the open road and discovering the 10 best motorcycle rides in North America is thee best thrill you can have! Riding all over North America in search for some of the best riding is moments and memories you will have forever. Check out the 10 best rides in North America, pack your bags and hit the highway!

Alaska Attractions, 9 things you MUST see!

Where do you start with so many amazing things to see and do in Alaska? We hope this list of 9 things in Alaska that are pretty cool will get you out and about to explore the beauty of Alaska has to offer.

What are the roads in Alaska like?

One of the biggest concerns motorcyclists have as they embark on their next journey, is what are the road conditions like in a new traveled area. Sometimes it is hard to find this information, we hope we have put any of your doubts about the roads in Alaska to rest.

Dust to Dawson Motorcycle Ride, its NOT a rally!

Riding your motorcycle to Dawson City to be a part of a fun ride called Dust to Dawson, you will be joined by riders from around the world! Put it on your Bike-it list and see for yourself, it is a lot of fun!!
Happy to be Alive after hitting a deer on his motorcycle

Motorcycle Hits Deer

The last thing a ride ever wants to experience is to hit a deer or any animal, a split second decision can make or break you. Thankfully Troy made the right split second decision, and to this day that moment can be relived in a heart beat. Ride Safe!

Troy’s Tip #2 Ride Stop N Go

Have you ever parked your motorcycle after a ride or pulled up to a pub, with a group of motorcyclists got off your bike and watched it fall over.. Watch Troy as he demonstrates a couple of tips to ensure your kickstand is not only down but fully engaged.