10 Great Motorcycle Rides in Canada’s National Parks

Canada is celebrating its 150th Birthday and we are celebrating the 10 Great Motorcycle Rides in Canada's National Parks! Pack your bags and ride to one of the many National Parks this year, to help you narrow it down we have selected 10 beautiful parks. Ride Safe & Have Fun!

10 Great Alberta Burgers 10 Great Alberta Rides

There is nothing better than out on a great motorcycle ride and stop at your favourite place for a great burger, that's what biking is about. Enjoy our 10 Great Alberta Burgers 10 Great Alberta Rides featuring 10 great burger rides.

The 10 Best Motorcycle Rides in Canada

The 10 Best Motorcycle Rides in Canada is a cumulative snap shot of the best rides one can do on a motorcycle. We have spent the last 5 years riding around Canada exploring all the beauty one can see on 2 wheels! Each of these rides we have personally experienced and fell in love with time and time again, come explore Canada and see for yourself.

Part 7 Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride

Part 7 Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride we ride back into the USA where we parked out motorcycles in Time Square, riding in Rush Hour traffic all through Manhattan was interesting! We had a private tour of the Polaris Factory in Spirit Lake Iowa and crashed the Klock Werks Pre-Sturgis Party with many other friends.

Part 6: Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride

Riding our motorcycles in the Maritimes doesn't get old, the Cabot Trail has a many great views of the coast line, Halifax & Peggy's Cove are something else and the red dirt in Prince Edward Island is amazing. Even in the rain these provinces are spectacular to enjoy on 2 wheels!

Part 5: Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride

The Maritimes are AMAZING! While in Newfoundland, we dipped our tires in the Atlantic ocean, got up close & personal with Icebergs, Screeched in at O'Reilley's, met many riders and took a ferry back to the mainland. More amazing views in Nova Scotia and PEI, we didn't want to leave!

Part 4: Bike Reviews & Lloydz Motorworkz

More Reviews on the Indian Chieftain and Victory Magnum as we have rode 15000km on these 2 Iconic American made machines. We share our likes & dislikes about each bike, plus we put both bikes on the DYNO at Lloydz Motorworkz in Pine Bush NY to see their power & torque numbers.

Resurgence Gear Protect Your Rear; Motorcycle Jean Review

Resurgence Gear has developed the 3rd generation fabric PEKEV, which is one of the strongest and stable fabric. They have given us both a pair of jeans to "TEST" while we are on the Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride. When you mention Ride Stop n Go you will receive 15% discount on your jeans!