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Ang of Best Motorcycle Rides

I’m Angela, formerly Ride Stop n Go

I look forward to riding and meeting up with you somewhere along the way.

2015 The Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride

What is the Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride?

Ride Stop N Go teamed up with Cycle Works Motorsports group of Alberta, Polaris Industries USA (manufacture of Indian and Victory Motorcycles) providing two of the most iconic brands of motorcycles; Indian and Victory for this world-renowned demo ride.

Riding from Coast to Coast across Canada, down through New York City, across the Northern States heading towards Sturgis South Dakota for the 75th Anniversary Rally.
“Let’s the Demo Ride Begin”!

Ride Details

  • Cycle Works Alberta: Your dealer for all Victory, Indian sales, parts & Acc.
  • Demo Ride Route: From the Pacific to the Atlantic
  • Bike Comparisons: New rides to Old Rides, service, gas mileage, handling and more
  • Contests: Follow us across Canada, chances to win prizes of all sizes
  • Stops Along the Way: Coming to a town near you
  • Heading to New York: Riding to Central Park & Time Square
  • Stopping in Minnesota Factory tour of Indian
  • Heading to Iowa: Factory Tour of Victory & Indian
  • 75th Sturgis Rally a MUST stop, to test the bikes

Watch the Video Debuting the 2015 Demo Ride

Worlds Longest Motorcycle Demo Ride Indian Victory

Cycle Works & Polaris Industries

Big THANKS to Cycle Works Motorsports of Alberta and Polaris Industries for providing us with these 2 brand new motorcycles!

Test riding both these Iconic American made motorcycles Coast to Coast Across Canada.

Cycle Works Motorsports of Alberta has 5 locations to serve you, a toy for every season.

Demo Days are here, be sure to stop by and test ride one or all of the motorcycles on the tour.


Cycle Works Motorsports of Alberta

Everything You Need to Know about Riding North America

I love riding just as much as you do; I am always looking for new roads to ride, new places to explore and new people to meet. If I’m not riding I’m talking about riding, sharing new motorcycle friendly information with you the reader, hoping one day we can meet up for a ride!


10 Best Rides in North America

Looking for a summer ride? Get some ideas from 10 Best Rides 2014 edition.


Alberta Burger Rides

We teamed up with Calgary’s Blue Circle Insurance to come up with Alberta’s 10 best burger rides.


More Rides being Added

A popular ride, Parksville to Tofino on Vancouver Island is but one example of a user submitted ride.

The Best Motorcycle Rides

Hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts from around North America have joined our community and added their favorite rides.

They’ve shared the ride, the roads, the sights, places to stop, places they suggest you should go and services along the ride.

The rides are organized by state and province for your convenience and we list them by their popularity.

Most Recent Ride Added

Going to the Sun

It's just one of those things you gotta do!

See the Best Motorcycle Rides here

Add a Ride

We would love to experience every amazing road in North America and report back to you on it, but realistically and sadly, we are unable to do that!

This is where you the rider, no matter the years experience you have riding, gets to share your favourite ride right here along with others.

Join hundreds of other riders across this great continent of ours, and share your favorite ride in your neck of the wood.

Then, as you browse the rides, rate the ride so that everyone knows the best motorcycle rides around the country.


Add a Ride

A Passionate Motorcycle Rider From the Great White North

Like me, do you long for the open road… 2 wheels, new black top and the wind in your face?

I am a passionate rider who rides around North America discovering epic motorcycle roads. All motorcycle tours are recorded edited and produced into short videos on YouTube and 30 minute TV Shows previously for Shaw TV Calgary.

I am not a fair weathered rider as I live in Central Alberta, where summer can be short lived.

A little about myself, Ang

I grew up on a farm in small town Manitoba, happy to have a Yamaha 50 to start off on and grew into a Honda CR80 then CR125.

Fast forward 25 years, I moved to Alberta, as my boys are now older, I got myself a 1996 800 Vulcan, forgetting how much I loved riding. Riding with my Dad and much older Brother, making new friends along the way, having a once in a lifetime experience of riding across North America on 2 wheels.

After 6 years of Ride Stop n Go being an amazing journey, sometimes all good things do come to an end.

2018 will be 10 years since I started riding with over 250,000kms later I have met a lot of great people, saw a lot of beautiful country and experienced many miles ~ n ~ smiles.

I have no regrets from the last 6 years and I’m glad to have had the Ride Stop n Go adventures and now I am ready for the next chapter to begin.

Angela Murray

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