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Grande Prairie Through Grande Cache to Jasper
Approx 394 KM

Big Horn Pub and Restaurant-Grande Cache

Where to Ride – Where to Stop and Where to Go

After your belly is full and your thirst quenched continue south through William A Switzer Provincial Park and Highway 16 where you travel quickly into the eastern slopes of the majestic Canadian Rockies on your way to the mountain town of Jasper.

Some of the highlights on this ride are the roads from Grand prairie to Grande cache are fantastic, Smokey and Sulphur Rivers, Victor Lake and Grande Cache lakes should not be missed either. Milner Power Generating Station is just north of Grande cache.


Highway 40 from Grande Prairie to Grand Cache are great but the shoulders are narrow so be wary where you pull over as there tends to be lots of tractor trailers flying by. Highway 40 South of Grande Cache to Highway 16 are good paved roads at best. There is tons of frost heaves, pot holes and tar snakes so try and pay attention to the road and not the scenery so much. The province is continuing to pave sections of this portion but will not be completed for years. Highway 16 from the intersection of Highway 40 to the town of Jasper is great pavement but traffic can be busy.


Be Aware of all types of big and small game on Highway 40 especially during dusk and dawn. Mountain sheep are notorious the closer you get to Jasper and you will more than likely see lots of Deer and Elk the closer you get to town.

NOTE: Watch for Cars, Pedestrians and Animals!

Please be aware of heavy traffic and cars pulled over on the shoulders of the road to take pictures of all the animals.


Fuel is available in Grande Prairie, Grande Cache, Hinton and Jasper. We do not know of any rest stops or restrooms besides the above mentioned towns.


Various accommodations are available in Grande Prairie, Hinton and Jasper.
In Grande Cache:
The Big Horn Inn
Alpine motor Inn
Grande Mountain Lodge
HD View Bed and Breakfast
Misty Mountain Inn and Suites

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