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Edmonton to Dorothy
Approx 350 KM

Last Chance Saloon, Wayne

Where to Ride – Where to Stop and Where to Go

Although there are some great rides west to the Rockies, North into the Boreal Forest and south towards Rocky Mountain House a lot of local riders told us one of their favourite day rides was to the Badlands of Alberta. Drumheller, Wayne and Dorothy were a common response. We suppose it is destination of sorts.

Leaving Edmonton on the east side is easy with the new Anthony Henday Highway and finding access to Highway 21 is a welcome sight. Heading south you almost immediately find yourself in lush green tree filled lands as you weave your way to the Badlands. Finding not a lot of traffic you will be rolling on the throttle as you think about the great burger your going to experience after a few short hours ride.

You will quickly find your self passing the towns of Camrose, New Norway, Bashaw, Delburne and Trochu. Somewhere along the way the landscape has changed some. You find yourself in the midst of expansive farm and ranching country. The smells of canola are abundant and passing farm equipment on the highway is not uncommon.

Riding the Badlands of Alberta

Soon you will find yourself riding east on Highway 27, crossing the Red Deer River for the second time on your way to Highway 56(9). Heading south on Highway 56(9), it won’t be long before you’re into the Badlands of Alberta and Drumheller. It is an amazing sight as the massive prehistoric river valley comes into view. It is almost unbelievable.

As you ride east through Drumheller on Highway 56, find your way to Rosedale, Head north on the 10X on your way to Wayne, cross the 11 bridges, turn around and come back to the Last Chance Saloon in Wayne where you can sit outside, enjoy a great burger that you can cook yourself and immerse in the history of the area. Make sure you ask about the bullet holes inside the saloon!

Pack your Camera

On your way back north head east once again through the valley, passing East Coulee, the Atlas Mine and the lone standing grain elevator at Dorothy. Keep going up the hill until your half or three quarters of the way up, pull over to the shoulder, get off your bike and get some pictures of the badlands of Alberta.

Some of the highlights are The Royal Tyrell Museum, The Atlas Coal Mine, Horse Thief Canyon, the Bleriot Ferry and the North and South Dinosaur Trail.

Road Conditions

Great roads all the way down Highway 21, the 27 is good, 56 is smooth all the way to Dorothy. The ride up the 10X from Rosedale to Wayne is okay with a few ruts and be aware, the bridges are all single vehicle traffic.


There are some animals to be aware of especially deer. Be cautious around dusk and dawn. There can also be lots of skunks and porcupines.


Fuel is available in Edmonton, Camrose, Delburne, Three hills, Trochu and Drumheller. Rest stops are available at the above mentioned.


Various accommodations are available in Edmonton, Camrose, Drumheller. Wayne has the infamous Rosedeer Hotel

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